Burning League – World of Warcraft Tournament for Level 20 Players

Burning League - World of Warcraft Tournament for Level 20 Players

While we usually highlight max-level community events, it’s interesting to see how even low-level players can find challenges in WoW. Here’s a summary of the event from the founders:

As Shadowlands approaches and the temporary truce between the Alliance and the Horde draws near, a new tournament arises. The heroes of Azeroth see this as a perfect opportunity to step into the Azeroth arenas one last time, before setting off in search of Sylvanas.

Drums of war thunder… once again. The Burning League is the name of the new tournament organized by the WoW20 community. Our last event was Incursion in Zul’Gurub, that made 260,000 views!

The Burning League is a World of Warcraft level 20 tournament. Teams will fight in 3v3 arenas on European servers. If you want to join but have no clue how it works, here is a community guide with advices and tips! Rules are available in our Discord.

29 rewards can be won by all participants of the tournament. In addition to the game items to be won, we will also give 120€ to the winning teams 🎁

You can find rules and sign-up information on their Community Discord and be sure to check out their event website for even more details including prizing and casters. If you’d like to learn more about the creators of the tournament, including artists and voice actors, make sure to check out the comprehensive list of community members who made this event happen.

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