California Wildfires in Orange County Near Blizzard HQ

California Wildfires in Orange County Near Blizzard HQ

A live version of this map can be found here.

Blizzard Entertainment itself still remains outside of the evacuation areas, so there’s less imminent danger to the actual infrastructure, but the offices themselves have been largely empty since employees transitioned to working from home last May due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Shadowlands marks the first expansion Blizzard has ever shipped in a work from home setting, which is a major challenge in of itself, without all the added complications of the pandemic, and the previous round of wildfires which spread throughout the west coast just last month.

The conflagration has been aided by Santa Ana winds reaching upward 70 miles per hour, a common contributor to west coast fires which have downed aircraft, spread smoke, and helped propel the blaze into new areas. Several major roads are now closed, with others marked as evacuation routes, and many communities within Irvine have been placed under immediate mandatory evacuation – an order which is expected to spread to others areas sooner rather than later. Several community centers have also been listed at maximum capacity, although they continue to implement special measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Irvine Police and the Orange County Fire Authority have also reported over 500 firefighters in the field, with two members critically injured and being treated for third degree burns.

For anyone who is medically compromised or in need of assistance evacuating in, call the Irvine Emergency Operations Center 949-529-4774.

The main Orange County Emergency Operations hotline can be reached at 714-628-7085.

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