Castle Nathria Raid Tips and Top Builds Now Live – Get Boss Advice and Builds Specifically for Your Class/Spec

Castle Nathria Raid Tips and Top Builds Now Live - Get Boss Advice and Builds Specifically for Your Class/Spec

We’ll be adding new tips and tricks as more strategies are developed. Mythic difficulty releases next week, so check back frequently. You can check for changes and updates by viewing the Changelog at the top of each guide.

Blood DKFrost DKUnholy DK

Havoc DHVengeance DH

Guardian DruidFeral DruidBalance DruidRestoration Druid

Beast Mastery HunterMarksmanship HunterSurvival Hunter

Arcane MageFire MageFrost Mage

Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker Monk

Holy PaladinProtection PaladinRetribution Paladin

Discipline PriestHoly PriestShadow Priest

Assassination RogueOutlaw RogueSubtlety Rogue

Elemental ShamanEnhancement ShamanRestoration Shaman

Affliction WarlockDemonology WarlockDestruction Warlock

Arms WarriorFury WarriorProtection Warrior

The Top Builds Widget
Have you ever wondered what talents most of the raiders of your class and spec are using on a particular boss? Or what trinkets they have equipped? Our Top Builds widget in our Talent Calculator is now populating with Castle Nathria data. Choose your class and spec in the Talent Calculator and on the left you will see the Top Builds widget. Click on the H for Heroic or the M for Mythic to see what talents and trinkets are popular for your spec. Note that the Mythic builds will not populate until Mythic Castle Nathria is available after December 15th/16th.

In addition to our Talent Calculator, you can view top build information for each boss on our spec-specific raid guides.

Coming Soon: Covenant and Legendary tracking

How We Do It

We use the Warcraft Logs API to pull data from the top 100 Heroic and Mythic ranks from the most recent patch on Warcraft Logs. We’ll start with Heroic difficulty and flip the switch over to Mythic once the bosses are defeated. You can dive into further detail with Warcraft Logs comprehensive rankings system to create further breakdowns, compare reports, see group compositions for each kill, and more.

For more information about Castle Nathria, including the opening schedule, location, boss guides, loot, and more, check out our comprehensive guides starting with the Castle Nathria Overview:

Castle Nathria Overview

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