Chinese Servers Testing WoW Classic World Buff Changes

Chinese Servers Testing WoW Classic World Buff Changes

In a recent Reddit Post on the classicwow subreddit, user csf3lih explains that on Chinese realms, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer is being handed out in Stormwind without players having to turn in the necessary Dragon head. User csf3lih mentions this might because players have been complaining that they don’t enjoy the concept of “raid logging” and not being able to play their characters while they save their world buffs for raid night. Could this be an indicator of Blizzard making changes for the World Buff dilemma?

This server will conduct a technical test from 13:00 to 24:00 on November 16-17, in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar.
Players can automatically get “Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer” every hour.
If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can send an email to [email protected]

The World Buff Dilemma

As you might have noticed if you’ve been playing World of Warcraft: Classic, players have been dealing with World Buffs for over a year now. Some players have even taken up a new calling in Azeroth, focusing solely on purging the enemy faction’s buff, as a “fun” way to ruin other player’s raiding experiences. Throughout Classic’s lifetime, players have been theorizing different ways Blizzard could handle “the world buff dilemma” which consists of a few key issues and touches on some of Classic’s main criticisms —

First off, world buffs increases damage output so dramatically for many classes, that it essentially changes the game entirely. World buffs are far, far too powerful for content that is perceived as easy, which is one of Classic WoW’s primary complaints. Second, players can be dispelled by low level Priest and Shaman alts, made entirely to grief players and ruin other players raiding experiences. And lastly, because of how powerful world buffs are, players will “Raid Log” and stay logged out for days at a time to conserve the remaining time on their buffs that they’ve collected – effectively not playing the game.

Let’s take a look at the most popular ideas for handling this world buff dilemma —

1. World Buffs Auto-Purge Inside Raids

This was something Private Servers popularized before Classic’s release, auto-purging all world buffs when players zone into new content within the first few weeks of a raid coming out. This handles a few of the issues, but once the content is no longer “new” and players can bring in world buffs, everyone goes right back to raid logging to save buffs. This is only a short fix for the first few weeks of content, but could this be something Blizzard changes for all raids, at all times, regardless of content being new or not?

2. World Buffs Can No Longer Be Purged

As of right now, the only purgeable world buffs are the Dire Maul Tribute buffs and Songflower Serenade, which can be quite a burden for players, having to go back to those areas and re-collecting the buffs, wasting time on any buffs they had that weren’t purgeable. This solves a tiny portion of the world buff dilemma, but doesn’t solve raid logging at all. If anything, this solution would only make raid logging slightly easier for many players.

3. World Buffs Constantly Drop Without Turn-Ins

This is what the Chinese realms are testing right now. This solution definitely solves the raid logging issue, but doesn’t really do anything for the purge meta going on for many players on many servers. With this change, the game changes quite a bit, as players who are out leveling would constantly want to go back into town to pick up these buffs, which go out every hour. This solution would also change for players who queue up into Battlegrounds, creating a new issue entirely, where players in PvP would get world buffs much more frequently than they do now, making the premade versus pug problem even worse.

4. Delete World Buffs

And the most drastic change of all, deleting world buffs from the game, entirely. This change is pretty drastic as it takes out a whole corner of the game that many players enjoy. Believe it or not, some players out there enjoy raid logging, as surprising as that might sound. Some players can’t play every day and enjoy having an “excuse” to not be able to log in, because they are “locked in world buff jail” as many players put it. But deleting world buffs from the game would solve all the issues facing the Classic community, but at what cost?

What do you want to see Blizzard do about the “world buff dilemma”?

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