Choosing A "SAFE" Class For Patch 8.3! – WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.2


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  1. What should I play?? Such a ridiculous question yet its never ending. People really are fucking clueless. If you need your handheld at character creation, just uninstall.

  2. I think it’s worth mentioning that some classes have very steep gear/number progression, such as warlock which takes longer to get great dps numbers (gear wise) than say fury warrior which can do great dps almost right away. I’d always recommend playing whatever’s fun to you but if this stuff matters to you or you don’t have very fast gearing options (like no guild etc) then I’d recommend a class with a good start number wise.

  3. Hope someone sees: Looking to come back from a long time not playing. Play on US-Horde. Looking for someone to basically hold my hand to get back into playing (feel super overwhelmed). Will do daily, weekly, raids with you. Very good healer, tank, and dps. Will roll whatever needed for the guild. You will not be disappointed. Message me if you would like to help. <3

  4. Enhance shaman is my favorite in terms of class identity and just how cool they look, but jesus fuck I haven’t been able to play one in so long because blizzard treats them like shit.

  5. Apparently I am among the few that hates raiding. Every video says everyone loves them. I hate them. Gimme a 5 man dungeon any day.
    Now if Windwalker monks could get there statues back that would be great.

  6. ive alway subscribed to this train of thought when asked what class someone should play ive been playing death knight the same death knight since wrath because i love playing him so much in fact friends call me by his name in real life ive spent damn ear a years worth of play time on him and still really enjoy it i cant do the flavor of the week shit i have leveled alts over the years and still play my DK hes the first to get geared out of all of my toons

  7. This video is not at all specific to 8.3.. should change the title to "what class to pick as a new player." This video is completely useless for picking a class for the next patches meta. Seriously, fuck you for wasting my time with this bullshit title

  8. Here's a quick test to determine whether your class is viable:
    Question number one:
    Is your class wearing leather?
    Yes : Congratulations, you picked easy and viable.
    No : Reroll you dumbnut.

  9. Since this video only covers what classes are good at different aspects of the game I put together a list of 4 classes to play if you want to be good at all three aspects of the game.

    Tanking: DK>Monk>Warrior>Druid
    Dps Melee: Fury Warrior>Havoc DH> Outlaw Rogue>Enchance Shaman
    Ranged:Warlock>SPriest>Mage>BM Hunter
    Healing:Druid>Holy Pally>Holy Priest>MW Monk

  10. I'd like to start a new character, a class i've never played, in preparation for Shadowlands, but I'm afraid once I get to max level I will have an abundance of things to do and either get paralyzed by choices or burnt out : /

  11. No one better re roll Druid when ferals SS tier in 9.0… but for now we will still need to break a sweat to pull decent dps, f u blizz for no buff

  12. For m+. Main any tank because that's the highest demand role in the game. You'll have no problem getting invited into keys so then just start pushing you rio up. When your 2k+ rio you can literally play any class that you want for your alts and get invited into keys because they're all linked to your main rio so people are gonna see that. It's like a vip pass, it's great

  13. in future: can u put topic/title for each class and put time stamp on the info. Helps a lot more to find and look the videos. Now i just skipping your nice videos and looking from other tubers videos.

  14. While I will keep to my Ret Paladin as it is what I know best, I'm curious to know where you think Ret Pally stands in the grand scheme going into 8.3?

  15. Dude i love your videos but you repeat yourself so much! The first minute of this video is the same three points stated in a different order over and over lol


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