Class Buffs And Nerfs For Patch 8.3! – WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.2


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    1. With shadow getting nerfs over and over and disc being unplayable almost unless youโ€™re doing a big raid then it still feels like padding no actual help, itโ€™s a dead class

    2. Hahaha, warlocks nerfed again, i am so fucking happy i quit my lock, blizztard has been hating on lock for years now. Locks are NOT op, they are absolute TRASH TIER in mythics plus and now also shit tier in raids.

    3. well dam stop nerfing the base classes nurf the azerite traits they do to dam much to begin with im tired of abilitys becoming crap without having the azerite traits for it.

    4. so now shadow priest will be completely and utterly useless instead of extremely strong lol how about you make all bosses just straight up single target aswell to further nerf shadow priests so that we will do like 50% of everyone elses dmg

    5. blizz balancing everything solely on mythic raiding xD no regards to pvp,no regards to m+,no regards to casual raiding. they probably forgot there are classes like feral druid and enhancement shaman after only looking at mythic raid logs.

    6. Nerfs are determined by if a GMs whiny self entitled liberal kid is ganked in game by a certain class or is better than them due to mommy, and daddy gave them 2nd place trophies

    7. blizzard keeps spoiling the shadow priests since the pandaria patch they have been nerfing them, so many shadow priest players will stop using this class

    8. They want to fix the issue with "dot" and "cleave" damage, but they're not going to touch Arcane? The one spec that has been at the bottom of the mage repertoire for 2 expansions now, that desperately needs a rework or major buffs? Ok Blizzard.

    9. Affliction lock in BFA is so poorly in terms of class design, and as a 2,2k+ player in legion i can tell everyone here that its prob one of the worst dps specs in 2v2 and its maybe okay in 3v3, you're literally better off playing any other spec in the game. In pve they are only good single target( and even then you will prob get out dps'd by other classes) , and the worst spec for mythic+ prob.

    10. Marksman Hunter needs a complete overhaul. Aimed Shot, Rapid Fire, Arcane Shot. Thats the rotation, thats the most bland spec to me. I miss old survival with Black Arrow and old Exp Shot. Thats what I want Marksmen to gain is something along the lines of those two abilities, baseline of course. Add some flavor to the class. Not press 3 buttons and repeat.

    11. You gotta admit that this nerfs for shadow going to break the whole spec because shadow was strong on multi targets only. Many ppl are forget that fact shadow has to dot every target before it starts to do dmg.. shadow was average on single target btw.. so this nerf is injustice.

    12. so dumb what they are doing do SPriest, the whole spec is a niche spec for spread add cleave fights, obv they are performing insane when u make tiers full of spread add cleave fights where 2 fights are even more favoring to shadow ๐Ÿ˜€ "normal" aoe is pretty much in line with many other specs , ST we are in the mid of the pack and in M+ we are fine. This Nerf will kill shadow for everything beside add cleave fights completly and even there they wont be super crazy.

    13. Lmao blizzard loves giving shadow priests a good buff then take it away. Damn man we were finally doing good and wanted. IF they keep these nerfs then itโ€™ll be a bit more difficult topping charts. Just kinda surprised me to hear spriests get nerfed get frost mages get buffed even though every group Iโ€™ve been in with a frost mage they excel in damage overall ๐Ÿ‘€

    14. Jesus Blizz.. The solution to the disc priest's problem is so simple..
      The problem with disc priest is that atonement healing (aside from damaging too) is very high when it is applied to a lot of allies. That's why they are so good in raid enviroment.
      But with just nerfing the atonement healing transfer, you are basically killing them on scenarios with less allies to heal like mythic dungeons and pvp (2v2,3v3).
      Instead you could make atonement transfer more variable and scale on the amount of targets that you have it on. Let's say you have atonement on 20 allies, the transfer should be like 30% (just an example, not tested numbers) but if you have atonement on 5 allies, the transfer should be something like 60%.
      Stop nerfing them only according to the raid and don't destroy their core gameplay design (which is healing while dealing dmg) as a "fix" to their solution such as increasing single target heals or thei passive.


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