Classic makes me WANT to play World of Warcraft (Classic Beta)


Retail has taken a small toll on everyone, but Cdew is finally feeling the WoW vibe again and struggling to put Classic down! Be sure to hit LIKE if you enjoyed these stream highlights from the past few days and SUBSCRIBE to not miss out
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  1. So looking forward to Vanilla. Loved this vid. On a personal note, I kinda put asmondass in the same category as pewdipuke. Which is to say
    Who gives a fuck?

  2. People that havent played WoW and only heard of it wonder why so many people play it and why its so popular, this right here. Classic WoW shows why the game popped off the way it did, the fact that a 2004 game can pop off in 2019 is beyond mad. Within 15 years of different game development still nothing compares to WoW. Greatest of all time video game right here.

  3. hehe, was fun but this days not the same…:) HardCore back in the days but did feel old/boring going back to it now. But will be many folks that do love it tho..:)


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