Classic Paladin One Shot in Shadowlands – Rextroy with the Return of Reckoning

Classic Paladin One Shot in Shadowlands - Rextroy with the Return of Reckoning

Note that this trick might be hotfixed soon.

I thought of doing this combo in two different ways, first plan was to empower auto hit alone to destroy people. However this required 3-4 different Azerite Trait setups, aswell as timing. I do have those setups (shown at 5:38) however I decided to add in Judgment for the main showcase since a lot of people probably wanna use the combo themselves.

If you are curious about the auto hit only setup, it is the following:
3x Inspiring Vanguard procced by Blessed Hammer
Change into Soaring Shield trait setup and hit the toads with Avenger’s Shield, while you are using Fight or Flight
All of these traits will persist if you remove the Azerite Pieces themselves.
Finally change into Avenger’s Might traits to empower your Avenging Wrath.

By adding in Judgment, we are going with 3x Indomitable Justice aswell as 3x Avenger’s Might. Since the auto hit will arrive before Judgment, your Judgment will then get quite a considerable boost.

The main trick of the combo, is that Aura of Reckoning (Retribution PvP talent)
Will persist when you change spec into Protection.
This enables us to gain a massive attack power boost from Protection Mastery (Retribution mastery itself, Mastery: Hand of Light, doesn’t do anything for auto hit dmg)
We will also be able to use a 50% damage boost from Strength of the Warden, to boost the auto hit even further!

Aura of Reckoning, just like the old days, will gain stacks when you are sitting down to let low level NPCs crit you.
You gain 3 charges every crit, and you need 50 charges to have it ready.
Once it stacks to 50, you have a total of 60 seconds to perform the boosted auto-hit. Which is a surprisingly long duration!

I will cast Blessed Hammer once I changed into Protection, to gain Holy Power to be able to use the Talent Seraphim, to empower our damage even more!

The total damage this does depends a lot on the enemy armor type, aswell as if Judgment crits or not. A cloth wielder usually takes about 24k, while plate is about 18k (assuming Judgment crit)
Ofcourse you will be able to finish them off with another Judgment or Hammer of Wrath!

The whole combo is the following:

Thank you, and hope you enjoyed!

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