Classic Season of Mastery Hardcore Guild Progress in Molten Core

Classic Season of Mastery Hardcore Guild Progress in Molten Core

The Hardcore community is still working towards their goal of killing Ragnaros with an entire raid group with the Soul of Iron buff. As of January 2nd, they have downed 4 bosses down in Molten Core and today, we’ll do a breakdown of that progress.

Small Steps Each Week

Initially, the HC Elite guild entered Molten Core with the only goal of farming trash. In Molten Core, trash can drop epic quality Tier 1 Bracers and Belts, which are Bind on Equip. These bracers are very good for many classes and the guild looked at the trash farm as an opportunity to test the limits of the Hardcore raiding experience.

With many trash clears of Molten Core, on December 18th, the guild looked to fight bosses for the first time, starting off with Lucifron and Gehennas. The logs for the 12/18 Molten Core can be found here. Farming Lucifron multiple times before attempting Magmadar was basically essential, as Magmadar has a Frenzy effect, requiring Hunter’s to use Tranquilizing Shot to remove the buff from the boss. This was imperative for a clean fight, as it would be an absolute disaster if a tank died because of the Frenzy effect. The only way for a Hunter to learn Tranquilizing Shot is from Tome of Tranquilizing Shot, which drops from Lucifron.

On January 2nd, HC Elite killed Lucifron for the second time, meaning they now had two Tranquilizing Shot Hunters. They felt that this was enough to attempt Magmadar and they were successful in the attempt. Once they downed Magmadar, the raid went on to Garr and executed that boss perfectly. Logs for the January 2nd raid can be found here. HC Elite is currently 4/10 in Molten Core and will likely continue to slowly take steps toward Ragnaros, progressing a little more each week.

Unfortunate Death During Progression

Molten Core has been relatively clean, with very minimal deaths inside the Raid instance. Most deaths HC Elite players experience take place in dungeons, with one of the most recent deaths being Forashona, a Hunter. There was one death during trash, where Aide (a Feral Druid) ripped threat on a Molten Giant and got themselves killed. Rest in Peace to both of these Hardcore players!

Aide dies to a Molten Giant in Molten Core from Staysafe‘s POV

Magmadar & Garr Defeated

When attempting Magmadar, HC Elite focused on Magmadar, while off tanks picked up the additional Core Hound. In the clip below, you can see Graysfordays holding a few Core Hounds while the raid burned the boss down. Once the boss died, the raid cleared the adds that spawned and finished the boss with 0 deaths.

Graysfordays off tanking during Magmadar

The Garr encounter is a bit different, where the HC Elite raid chose to kill the Garr adds before killing the boss. This encounter is also extremely dangerous for a Hardcore raid, because the boss will randomly spawn Magmakin that charge a random player and explode. Again, HC Elite downed this boss with 0 deaths in the raid.

Parla‘s POV during the Garr encounter

Looking toward Ragnaros

As for the remainder of Molten Core, HC Elite will need to be extremely careful for other boss encounters. Shazzrah and Baron Geddon are extremely dangerous bosses that will force the raid into a limited amount of space to work with. With enough Greater Fire Protection Potion and Greater Arcane Protection Potion, these two bosses are capable of being cleared with minimal deaths. 0 deaths might be asking for a lot, however. The HC Elite raid goes into Molten Core on Sundays at 4:00 PM EST. Tune in on Twitch to follow the action and to look for a specific POV go to’s Twitch page!

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