Classic Season of Mastery Patch 1.14.1 Build 40666 – Possible Hardcore Support and Diamond Flask Nerf

Classic Season of Mastery Patch 1.14.1 Build 40666 - Possible Hardcore Support and Diamond Flask Nerf

One important fact to take from all this new information is that because it isn’t on the Beta, nothing here is actually being tested. It is entirely possible that this never gets pushed to the Beta, so take that into consideration.

New Item and Spell IDs

Looking at the data, the Bonus Experience and Burst of Experience seem to be spell IDs related to dungeon quests and Elite quests. It is unclear if these are tradable items or how these will interact with players, if implemented. Relentless Dead seems to be an enemy Spell ID and could be Blizzard’s solution for dealing with Mage Boosting. If enemies inside dungeons can’t be slowed or rooted, kiting with Blizzard might not be as easy to accomplish as it was in the past. Blizzard specifically mentioned that they would be “looking at” Mage Boosting for Classic Season of Mastery.

Hardcore Support?

Soul of Iron, Survivor of the Flames, Never Known Defeat, and Thousand Blades are all Spell IDs that seem very interesting. Wowhead recently covered community questions and suggestions regarding Classic Season of Mastery and one of the most talked about topics was the inclusion of a “Hardcore” mode. In World of Warcraft’s history, there has been a community game mode known as “Iron Man” which was similar to Hardcore. Could this be Blizzard’s way of providing Hardcore support?

New Diamond Flask Spell ID

Lastly, Diamond Flask has an entirely new Spell ID and this is likely to address the issue with Warriors stacking +Healing gear. Warriors would put on Healing gear, use Diamond Flask, and then quickly swap all their gear before pulling a boss. The way it worked in original Classic, Diamond Flask would snapshot the bonus healing and apply a powerful healing over time effect. While this can be perceived as a clever use of game mechanics, some Warriors were actually topping healing meters on Loatheb.

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