Classic Season of Mastery Soul of Iron Mechanics – Hardcore Support

Classic Season of Mastery Soul of Iron Mechanics - Hardcore Support

New High Elf Watchers

Two new “High Elf Watchers” NPCs have been added to Ironforge and Undercity. Chronicler Fero can be found in the Library of Ironforge, at the back of the Hall of Explorers. Chronicler Morta can be found in Undercity, in the Apothecarium, next to the Herbalist trainer.

Obtaining the “Soul of Iron”

When interacting with a Chronicler for the first time, this is the dialogue.

Should you accept the challenge, you will be turned to stone and receive a new buff!

The Soul of Iron Buff has no text, other than “Never Known Defeat”

If you’ve accepted the challenge, you will receive a new spell in your spellbook called “Soul of Iron” which is a /flex emote that turns you to stone. Not to be confused with Stoneform!

What happens you die with “Soul of Iron”

Dying with the Soul of Iron buff will immediately give you the “Tarnished Soul” buff and your Soul of Iron will physically spit out of your corpse, quite a sad sight. The Tarnished Soul debuff reduces all of your stats by 1%. Dying additional times does not increase this percentage.

Removing the “Tarnished Soul”

You may return to a Chronicler to have your Tarnished Soul debuff removed.

If you speak to the Chronicler again, they will offer to re-apply the Tarnished Soul debuff.

One important fact regarding the Soul of Iron, if you die before speaking to a Chronicler in Ironforge or Undercity, they will not apply the Soul of Iron buff on your first interaction and will immediately apply Tarnished Soul, so it isn’t really possible to “cheat” this mechanic.

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