Classic Vanilla WoW Professions | Leatherworking Master Guide: Basic Recipes


Thanks for watching my first installment to my new Profession series! We’re going to finish Leatherworking in its entirety so you can expect about 6 more videos over this topic before we move onto the next profession! If you guys enjoyed this information please leave a like and tell me about it in the comments! I’m excited about this series and doing an in depth analysis on each profession!
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There’s talk of a Classic wow beta soon and I’ll be making a video sometime soon discussing what they’ve done in the past and how we could expect to be a part of the classic wow beta or even alpha. Tell me your thoughts about it, will it be exclusive or free for anyone to join? I’d love to get some classic wow gameplay footage before release! The hype is alive again boisss!


  1. Nice video! Question though: can one keep up with crafting armor for yourself compared with what you get with quests? Or, wil your crafted items bebetter compared with what you earn in the same levelling area? Thanks in advance.

  2. The Nightscape Tunic is the biggest gold maker. That recipe alone makes thick leather the best to farm to make gold.
    edit: I'm giving away too much info =)

  3. Good stuff. I love the depth they put into the vanilla professions. If you wanted to, you could devote your character to it and it completely changes your leveling experience. Sure it's not as quick but in my opinion it's a lot more fun and immersive


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