Classic Vanilla WoW Professions Overview/Guide: Alchemy


What professions to choose.
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0:37 Alchemy Description
2:02 Gold Making Recipes
4:07 Rare Recipes
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8:34 Transmute with Alchemy
10:00 Conclusion.
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Hello everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic wow video. This is the third episode from the vanilla profession overview series. In our previous episodes we covered the gathering skills and then the armor and weapon crafting professions. Now we had to cover the last 3 primary professions, unfortunately there was just to much information to go over and instead of making a 40 minute long video we split the third episode into 3 parts. Today we’re looking into Alchemy. Without further a due, let’s explore.

Alchemists use herbs to create strange, magical brews that heal, empower, and produce a variety of positive effects – invisibility, elemental resistance, mana restoration, and much, much more. They can also transmute mystic materials into rare and exotic new forms. With their power to create valuable consumables, Alchemists are highly useful to groups and raids. By creating rare materials, Alchemists can make a great deal of money, enable the creation of powerful weapons and armor, and even influence the economy of Azeroth!

-Early game brews like Free Action potion, Arcane elixir, Frost oil and Swiftness potions can make you a decent amount of cash.
-Health and mana potions will be the most consistent niche market for the whole iterration of vanilla with prices for Major mana potions skyrocketing when new content is released.
-Elixir of Shadow power has a very good market value as this will used by warlocks and shadow priests, also you need 10 of them for Dreadsteed warlock epic mount quest.
-Elixir of brute force – This recipe is quite a pain to get. The only place that you can get it is from turning in bloodpetal sprouts in un’goro crater. For every 15 sprouts you turn in you get a brown wrapped package and there is a very slim chance that you will get this recipe.
-Restorative potions – Another good sell on the market, people will buy it when progressing into molten core and even after progession because guilds tend to do speed runs and they dont want to sacrifice mana for decursing.

Overall alchemy is a great profession to have, pair it with herbalism to get most of it. It can help you create potions and buffs to aid you on your leveling journey, making your life smoother. It has a high compatibility with fishing, allowing you to make a variety of fine oils that can be further used on creating powerful brews, thus opening more doors into gold making. Alchemy is considered the best profession in terms of getting rich, altough some people would disagree because sometimes the potions and elixirs will sell on the auction house cheaper than the herbs it requires to make them. In my opinion alchemy is still the best best money maker but just like other professions, you’ll have to do the recipe grind because selling the same basic recipes like everyone else won’t make you any money. Also alchemy requires to have some sort of knowledge in economy or at least being a bit smart and know basic mathematics. Like we said in our previous episode with the armor crafting professions, choose this skill if you have the time and dedication to commit otherwise picking gathering skills might be a better choice for casual game-play.

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  1. Would you get banned if you made another account for 10 extra character slots, got them all to alchemy for transmute and had 10 transmutes for farming, and then traded all your gold to your other account with your playing characters?

  2. Alchemy is pretty sensitive to market changes, even live.

    Here's my tips for making gold in alchemy:
    1. Make sure people know your name for xmutes and rare crafts. Advertise in channels and on the realm forums often. Once you have people who build a relationship with you, your income will be most consistent as people will gravitate to people they know that are more expensive than slightly cheaper people who they don't know.

    2. Price things on the AH competitively, even if it loses you money. "making gold" from selling should not cross your mind as odd as it sounds. You sell at the price that maximizes revenue. Once you have an idea what the price is, decide whether to make the thing or not from the get go. You make profit by crafting profitable things, not by selling them. If you lose money from selling something, think of that as paying to have information that you made a bad call and use that information in the future. This process is best when a market changes slowly e.g. once a raid tier has been out two weeks.

    3. Diversity is your strength in this regard. Fill as many niches as you can and have one or two items that will ALWAYS be in demand. You may not be as productive in one niche as dedicated people, but you are more flexible than they are when a market runs dry either temporarily or permanently.

    4. Stock up on herbs on certain days. Herb prices change cyclically every week. Some days they peak, and others they drop. This is also important to keep track of when considering average buy and sell prices as you can influence those averages for the better on certain days instead of haphazardly

    5. Do whatever shit you can pull to break up mafias and cartels. This is a demand driven economy. Anything that helps the buyers with cheaper prices puts more money in their pocket to do other things. Independent actors also make the average more stable, whereas correlated groups (such as mafias and cartels) make the prices more chaotic because of political whims. I would personally recommend undercutting these actors and simply remaining independent despite their promises. It is in the best interest of the mafia to make you dependent on them and whatever trickle of resources they "allow" you to farm.

    This is why I try helping people be better at economics; giving me more competition helps me git gud, do something I'm better at, or get me better prices. But what do I know? Go and make a Devilsaur cartel because this is an mmorpg. Go murder and pillage people in null sec. It's a game; don't take advice so seriously.

  3. I don’t know what it will be like on Classic, but on private servers, no one uses elixir of brute force because it doesn’t stack with elixir of the mongoose. I paid a lot for the recipe as a completionist, but never had any demand for it.

  4. I'm going Herb/Alchemist because I will be a Protection Warrior and I need the consumables! Later on I will propably have an alt with Herbalism/Mining and drop Herbalism on my Warrior in favor for Engineering

  5. Alchemy in vanilla was great for leveling, you could have multiple elixirs active at once which increased survivebility and always having access to healing potions was a great bonus as well.

  6. Apropos the disgusting Oozeling. Wonder if they will implement the nerf it got, or leave it as it were from the start. Anyways, you're making some great content!

  7. Do we know if servers are going to be named identically to back in the day? Curious how many of the people we all knew & didn't keep in touch with we might run into again.

    I intend to grab my old name, and really hope some passerby will be shocked.

  8. Hi, I am trying discord but it says it expired. Can we please have the full list about where to get all the vanilla recipes? Thanks a lot, i m watching this again and again

  9. Hey Frost! Love your videos.
    Could you make a vid about making cash from DE? whats worth DE and what is not? what do you get from DE stuff that is xx level and what are the items worth?

  10. wasn't sure if i wanted to go with tailoring or alchemy, both look interesting but i think alchemy with be more fun with all those recipes to collect! thanks for your video

  11. dude, Frost, you really have to learn how to say "WOW." i mean i love your channel and the classic WoW videos that you make, and i really don't care that you have an accent, and pretty much everything you say is understandable. but i think at the very least you should learn how to pronounce the game that you cover in your channel properly. you're butchering the name everytime you say it lol. i honestly don't mean any offense either, and realize that english is probably not your first language. but yeah, its pronounced "WOW", not "WOAH"

  12. Something just bugs me: If Alchemy is so worthwhile then shouldn't there be an oversaturation of elixirs and potions on the market, thus reducing their value? Wouldn't it be more profitable to choose a different profession instead?


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