Classic Vanilla WoW Professions Overview/Guide: Enchanting


What professions to pick in classic vanilla world of warcraft:

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Enchanting recipes up to AQ40:
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0:44 Enchanting preview.
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7:33 Ways of making money with enchanting.
9:49 Conclusion regarding enchanting
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Hello everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic wow video. This is the 5th episode from the profession overview series. In our previous episodes we discussed alchemy and engineering in detail, having rather long videos. Today we’re going to cover the last remaining profession out of the primary ones, trying to keep it short but at the same time making it clear about the steps you have to take in order to become successful. We’re going to discuss from where you can acquire the money making recipes that will set you apart from enchanters and slightly touch some way to make gold with this skill.

Enchanters disenchant the surplus of magical items – and use the residue to permanently increase the power of equipment. The residue obtained from these items is quite diverse but it’s something like – the more potent the item, the rarer the residue.
With the right incantations and materials, an enchanter can add bonuses to their armor or weapons, making them stronger, faster, or more resilient (among a host of other mystical powers). Many enchanters sell their unique services to other heroes, and command prices directly proportional with the rarity of the work they produce. They also require enchanting rods to channel their magic, something that needs to be upgraded with each new difficult enchant learned, a costly task that tends to delay enchanters from reaching their end goal.
As you can see, enchanting requires a fairly good understanding of the mechanics of the game. You need to be familiar with what stats are of interest to which players and why, so that you can determine which enchants will be of value, and to be able to advise players who might be unsure.

To sum it up, enchanting is a rather expensive craft to learn, and difficult to level up in the early game. Although it seems like a waste, there is no way to avoid spamming the same enchant on the same item over and over again… That if trying to level enchanting in a time-efficient way. Low-level enchants are in such low demand that they are frequently not even wanted for free. Nevertheless, this skill is recommended for players in guilds, mostly healers and cloth users. And those who pick this profession, invest the time and dedication in it, will be richly rewarded.


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  1. Hey guys. The last profession overview from the primary ones is finally done. Hope you like it.
    We've been playing around with the merchandise option from youtube and created some T-shirts and Mugs with vanilla flavor.
    Links in the description if you want to gift someone for Christmas or just purchase for yourself.
    Thanks again.

  2. I don't think I want to level Enchanting at the start of Classic. People are far too out of touch with the effort/cost of enchanting and are way too cheap for me to want to do it as an early profession. Eventually I'll level it to help friends and guildies but probably not until after I have the gold for my epic mount and can feel a little more free with gold.

  3. I’m new the the classic circle and hoping to find myself enjoying it. I’m gonna be trying a class i refused to play which is the mage, so I’m gonna be picking up tailor and enchant since that seems the most reasonable. Then there is the rep grind which I’m not familiar with it for the classic side of things.

  4. I take my hat off for anyone willing to go enchanting. I have tried it once and I hated it. It was so cumbersome to level. I am very glad that there will be someone to improve my gear though!

  5. I would do a proper armor class profession for your class and if you have a couple toons when you level those you can mail the stuff you make from that toon to you are enchanting on.

  6. Having experienced being THE go-to enchanter for my server back in Vanilla days, I can say that enchanting will not make you rich unless you put every effort into it. Not just /2 spamming but farming for ebchants and mats alone is tough. Eventually unless its an ultra rare enchant you will have to just accept people tipping you 1-5g at best because they will go without enchant rather than paying a service fee

  7. I don't think the whole being called greedy when someone hears the price of an expensive enchant will be as big of an issue as it was back in real vanilla. I remember being that kid who was super ignorant and thought people were scamming me too, but that was because I was, well, ignorant. People will be coming in much older, more mature, knowledgeable, and not as bad at the game. This is something I think a lot of people trying to get the drop on Classic WoW videos particularly guides have been forgetting. Like the people who talk about the old kill lists from back in the day, people aren't going to have the time to actively participate in and maintain a kill list, or rather they won't want to waste their time since they were so insanely time inefficient.

  8. Unless you plan on being a full-time raider and make WoW classic your job, enchanting just isn't worth the trouble. Easier ways to make gold that doesn't have you dealing with people getting pissed about being charged a fee they perceive as unreasonable.

    This a tip to all who play. Be nice to your enchanter and be especially nice to ones with rare recipes. They've seen some shit and have put in the hours so just pay up and thank them. Also, this isn't 2004 anymore, just be informed on what you want and need before bothering some enchanter. They've suffered enough and I can talk from experience that they don't want to have to run an enchanting school on the side.

  9. Hey frost great video, I will probably pick enchanting on my priest for classic so this gave me some recipes to go after. Altough I started in TBC, I faintly remember you could only train the last part of enchanting in Uldaman, is this true? EDIT: Scrolled through the comment section and found out yes, you do have to go to Uldaman.


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