Classic Vanilla WoW Professions Overview/Guide: Skinning, Mining, Herbalism


What professions to pick in classic wow.
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Hello everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to another classic wow video. This is the first part from the professions series. A series that will contain 4 episodes covering all 12 professions. First part will be about the gathering skills, second part about the armor and weapon crafting, third part we’ll look into the 3 remaining primary professions: Alchemy, Engineering and Enchanting and we’ll end the series with the secondary skills: First aid, cooking and fishing. Looking up online for a vanilla wow profession guide will mostly give you results about how to level it from 1 – 300, rarely covering them as an overview or slightly more in depth. The purpose of the series is to help new and returning players choose the skills that suits their needs.

For some reason vanilla professions are underrated. And I believe that the reason is lack of knowledge and lack of awareness on the nature of the changing economy. The demands during the first 3 months will not be the same as the demand 6 or 12 months after release. Half of the gold making guides on this channel are made and suited for a mature economy and most professions will thrive during that time. The point is, don’t pick a profession and expect to get rich from day one. There’s a saying that “classic wow” is marathon, not a race and the same principle will apply to professions. The way I see the trading skills is more like an investment, a way in the future to make some passive and semi-passive income, thus making grinding for gold no longer a required task, just a thing of the past. Althoug, choosing professions solely for making gold is somehow a bit selfish and in contradiction with the nature of vanilla wow. Some trade skills are more suited for helping your guild and providing services for your close friends. Well talk more about this in a future episode as today we’re covering Gathering.

Thanks for watching, this video! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Frost, I know this is an older video, but can you tell me the song playing in this video? Also, can you link me to a video about your UI mods if you have one. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Beware the skinning ninjas…they will wait for you to loot and skin your kills, usually this happens if you are higher level and able to kill a group of something to skin and once you loot they start to skin.

    Also iirc dark iron ore was found in certain zones not only in molten core.

  3. Yes! Professions actually mattered back then and have even seen guilds in vanilla want their guild mates to actually have professions. Same with first aide, cooking, etc. Totally work picking professions and leveling them while you quest.

  4. um, pretty sure vanilla wow, first aid, cooking, and fishing were treated as real professions. (least i remember it being that way) not "secondaries"…. if you took first aid, you only had once choice left for everything else. it was until later expansions where they made first aid cooking and fishing a secondary that you could have on top your main 2….

    also, even in todays wow, the only reason for crafting is making money. its literary pointless. crafting was also an after thought in wow…. they never took it seriously, and that's why wow crafting is fucking stupid. yeah maybe alchemy or enchanting, everything else is useless. cloth was the best, for bags. period. and makes a ton of money. however alchemy can make even more.

  5. I am 45 been playing these games since people thought of them.

    My tip: Gather and that's it. It will make you the MOST constant money you will ever get from crafting.

    Crafting is a huge trap; seems like fun crafting silly shit but when it comes down to it, that ore, cloth, herb will net you more faster.


    Pronounced -Erb

  6. At 8:18 he starts talking about dire maul east mining and hes mining the same things multiple times. Was that some private server stuff or just a dire maul thing?

  7. Gonna go skinning and engineering for my warrior eng is a must have for pvp/pve huge dmg increase and my guild will cheese with 40 engineers which gives a lot of aoe in raids with the engineering bombs. GG

  8. Awesome video mate. thx for the tip. Btw what gathering skill is better for gold making: Mining or Herbalism? I am planning on playing with either of these two options: skinning + herbalism or skinning + mining? Help me decide please. ty

  9. Enchants to boost gathering skill is only for end content herbs, skinning, and mining. It is not worth getting at the start because as you level you will be changing your gear all the time, However you will want to get these on a piece of gear you will be able to kill stuff with as you will find mobs sitting on all the nodes.

  10. New to WoW as of what is going to be the Classic release, so I've subscribed and have been watching all your video's so that I can at least have a little knowledge on what I'm doing when it's released. So, if I don't do Tailor/Skin but yet do Skin/Herb, I can just make the tailoring cloth gear on my bank alt and then mail it to my main character to use?

  11. FANTASTIC VIDEO I can't thank you enough for this video I am new to wow and I love Crafting/Professions in any game and I am very excited to get into herbalism as it's the first professions I stumbled upon thank you so much

  12. All your vids are really good and VERY informative, also I love how in some of ur vids about leveling you talk about the lore of the area the vid is about. That’s just one difference between classic and current WoW players, they don’t care about how the game began and the story of the game.

  13. I wanna start as a rogue for classic, wow it be a bad idea to start skinning herbing just to make money passively well leveling then maybe dropping herbing for leather working or engineering? I feel like mining is the slowest as skinning is very easy to level and herbs aren't to hard to grind ether ? What's your opinion?

  14. Idk about large scale gold farming, but I leveled a warr on a Light's Hope and went skinning+mining, and had enough gold to buy my mount at lvl 38, it was a fantastic feeling 🙂 Definitely recommend this for someone who just wants "quick money".


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