Classic Vanilla WoW Professions: Vendor Recipes Alchemy Master Guide World of Warcraft


We’ve only got two videos left before we finish reveiwing all the items in Alchemy in Classic Vanilla world of warcraft. This Classic wow alchemy profession guide should give you a better understanding of what to expect if you were to go this route come Classic. Thanks for watching, and let me know which vendor recipe your most excited about farming this summer 😀 Any critiques and ideas to make these series better are welcome and greatly appreciated!
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There’s talk of a Classic wow beta soon and I’ll be making a video sometime soon discussing what they’ve done in the past and how we could expect to be a part of the classic wow beta or even alpha. Tell me your thoughts about it, will it be exclusive or free for anyone to join? I’d love to get some classic wow gameplay footage before release! The hype is alive again boisss!


  1. Doh! Forgot the skill levels under all the recipes!! Just another thing I’m going to add into a final video correcting all my mistakes! I know some of you take screenshots of these pages so I’ll complete that for you 😉 thanks for the support guys! Let me know if I misinformed/missed anything else!

  2. In an early alpha or beta version of the game all abilities that did "yellow" damage actually did holy damage. Holy protection potions would soak things like mortal strike or eviscerate. Obviously, this was broken. It was fixed in beta, but the recipe for the potions remained in the game even though it's more or less worthless.

  3. My warrior is an alchemist 100%. Rage pots, Strength pots, Faps and Frost oil! And of course a reliable source of healing potions, never downplay that.

  4. Welp, here goes my "specialized wow knowledge" that I used to lowkey make easy gold. You've taught me way more gold tricks though, so its worth putting all this out there xD sub'd

  5. The reason why there is a regular holy resistance potion and not an Arcane one is because ORIGINALLY Holy was one of our baseline resistances, not Arcane. I think they swapped Arcane in place of Holy in build .8.. But don't quote me on that. Anyways, so while our baseline resistances originally housed holy we had the holy resistance potion. Then, later, when it was swapped to Arcane they must have added more potions for Alchemy, adding the greater arcane resistance potion…. but failed to change the holy resistance potion to arcane also… That's my best guess anyways. Hope this helps to shed some light! Neat video btw!

  6. Be ready bois once I get my Warrior rolling Imma have Rage potions, every absorb pot, FAP and LAPs and I'd be DARNED IF YOU SEE ME WITHOUT EVERY SINGLE BUFF ON MY PERSON. Get ready to get rekt Hordies

  7. holy absorb can be good against a paladin or priest. If I still had my pc come classic, I was thinking of rolling either a holy priest or ret paladin and then teaming up with the other one since paladins not only have an aura than increases holy dmg, but also the crusader judgement which increases holy dmg taken.

  8. This is a good video that packs a lot of useful info into nine minutes. Studying up on the key items driving server progression will be incredibly important, especially in the initial burst of players. Resources will be extremely limited and making sure that the limited recipes and trade goods are harvested from the server as efficiently as possible is paramount to a smooth progression curve and attracting talented players to a server or guild. Although, many people will be camping and timing these recipes so that their character, guild, and faction has opportunity to produce these sought after elixirs, weapons, and armor first! A more in-depth or advanced guide could take the information presented in this video and apply it as a sort of meta-analysis of overall server demand for trade-skill produced goods and how feasibility of obtaining an item/recipe may influence player decision for professions, leveling path or zones, etc.

  9. MP5 potion is great for paladins and shamans since they do not benifit from spirit the same way priests and druids do since they do not have a talent that allows for the spirit regen to occur during the 5 second rule between casts so MP5 is a high value stat for paladin and shaman even at low amounts.

  10. Nice work. You seem very catalogueing and 'cartographic', I'm like that. Do you do much analysis too? An analysis of why people would want to be alchemist, and what kinds of gameplay it brings, for example might be helpful. Herbalism too (i personally liked searching every corner of the map, and this extra layer of Azeroth just made it so much richer for me). About the only thing we hear of professions is, 'err yeh, in pvp you'll wanna go engineering, for the kiting bombs'!


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