Classic World First: 40 Druids Clear Molten Core

Classic World First: 40 Druids Clear Molten Core

Update: It has been brought to our attention that a Chinese group of 40 Druids full cleared Molten Core about a week earlier, on June 13th. It’s often difficult to track achievements such as this between region, and therefore difficult to report on things we’re not made aware of. As a reminder, anyone may submit their achievements or what they feel may be newsworthy items to

While this run was more successful than the last, it also kept a consistent 40 players throughout, had a better time retaining buffs, and the raid contained 96% less Moonkins. Several other viewpoints were also streamed on twitch:

While full class clears are becoming more popular, it’s important to remember that many Classic raid mechanics can only be countered by certain classes, making each challenge unique in different ways. For example, Druids cannot dispel magic or resurrect players normally. As a result, encounters which may be easy for some classes will end up much more difficult for others.

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