Classic WoW 1-300 Engineering Guide | Classic WoW Professions Guide


A full Classic WoW Engineering guide from 1-300. More professions to come soon!





  1. your video sucks bro.. im having to go back and forth from ah due to not even getting close to the skills.. mines well do this on my own,thanks for wastiign my time.

  2. if you are new to engineering, u can make sapper charges and iron grenades to lvl up. The mats are pricy but these r the things u constantly use anyway so might as well make them while lvling.

  3. For everyone in the comments: The levels are VERY random. You will most likely need much more materials than listed in this guide.. effectively doubling the time it takes for you to level up.. Very annoying and earned this video a dislike.

  4. Really appreciate the video man went from 1 – 300 ina day and super cheap too. Only thing i will say is that i dont think you mentioned that you have to travel back to Iron Forge at 260 to grab thorium widget pattern so grab it before u head out to gadetzan or WS

  5. Great guide tips 👍🏽
    Little addition: From 175 – 195 try to prioritize crafting Iron Granates as they will be the most efficient one in PVP providing you with a first supply

  6. Apparently Buzzek Bracketswing in Gadgetzan sells the Thorium Widget schematic, but I do not see it? Can anyone assist?

    Edit: After some research, In Classic WoW a vendor in Orgrimmar (Valley of Honor) named Sovik sells it in limited supply.

  7. I enjoyed a lot of the video. Specially the general take on "imma do my things". Since we can consider how our server works and take different approaches accordingly (like selling bronze tubes and such).

  8. the Thorium Widget schematic can be bought in IF tinker town from Gearcutter Cogspinner the eng supplies vendor… not sure why thats not even remotely mentioned in comments or in guide… hope this helps

  9. Hands down every vid with you is a dissapointment, 176-195 you said 120 solid stones was needed so i bought that, i've now landed on 195 with 82 SPARE solid stones that went to WASTE, idk how the fk you calculate but damn you're WRONG every god damn time….

  10. Nice attempt, but this is NOT a very good guide. a bunch of important details are not there / not clear (for example only says very quickly where to level up past 225 without any details on screen) and some amounts are off a bit.It's a shame.

  11. Damn.. at the 215-237 you should put a note under MATS saying to stop at 225, cuz I didn’t watch until the point where u actually talk about it. And I didn’t realize I was capped at 225 and made a bunch of extra


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