I played the Classic WoW BETA! My first impressions on the Classic WoW Beta is covered in this video.




Classic WoW Dev Interview:

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  1. I seem to remember being able to summon people into dungeons in Vanilla. It's been quite a while so I could be wrong, but I think that was an actual thing.

  2. I used to play from décembre 2005 to 2010. You are wrong at some points about vanilla, how comes you can makes this mistakes if you played vanilla. Anyway i won't play classic because i played plenty at this game on official and on pservers. There are no interest for me to do everything again. In 2005 it was great , new and unknown. The issue is that people like you spoil this game with your guides for classes, quests and everything. Hopefully in 2005 no people like you, WE, the players had to do the job, explore, help each other, try…it was that the fun of this game.

  3. One issue with the wavy grass effect is when the "Grass" is actually supposed to be bones, you get ribs bending as you step near them in a lot of places (Mostly Plaguelands, dungeons, or BC and Wrath content but it can be annoying at times.)

  4. I know it's like nostalgia breaking but I'd hope they put in the transmog system. One of the few new features of retail wow that I love!

  5. 20:15 lmfao are you for real? of course the private servers got that wrong… thats such a basic thing, the private sevrers just couldnt figure out how to instance someone properly

  6. stop making videos. you obviously never played vanilla. God this video was painful to listen to. So many incorrect things. Can't believe people like you got into classic beta and not original vanilla players that could actually differentiate between changes and issues.

  7. There was no fucking quest arrows or pointers in vanilla! Only a loot/kill counter! If you couldnt read the simple quest lines you were fucked. People invented quest addons for people who couldnt figure that shit out.. omg tips ypu dont know what ur talking about as useual.

  8. I miss mob camps with treasure chests filled with trade goods and magic weapons. I miss deep caves and hidden places with rare spawns. I miss wandering off the beaten path and finding interesting landmarks which seem placed for no reason. I miss crafting a narrative in your own head from what your character experienced. I miss picking the pockets of humanoid mobs with my rogue and finding lockboxes containing junk that only I as a rogue could open! I Miss the hard, brutal, unforgiving world of Classic WoW. Bring back the real Azeroth! Bring back the real World of Warcraft!!!

  9. Tipsout is the most confident wildly unreliable source of information I have ever seen on youtube. It's to the point where, given his popularity, I am concerned that the people absorbing his very confident yet incorrect statements will end up negatively impacting the game overall.


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