Classic Wow – Blacksmithing guide 1-300 FAST and CHEAP (In-depth guide) 2018


Classic Wow – Blacksmithing guide 1-300 FAST and CHEAP (In-depth guide) 2019

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  1. I play as Horde, here is the problem; I do not have the plans for

    Ornate mithril Healm
    Ornate mithril Boots
    Ornate mithril Breastplate
    I can not find them from any trainer in Bootybay, Orgrimar nor the Dwarf in Stranglthorn Vale.
    These are required but the Dwarf in STV and from my experience can not be learned. Some one please help. My current BS lvl is 250.

  2. Isn't exactly accurate … I'd make as many Solid Grinding Stones as you can asap until it goes green. Also the bracers you say to make until 215 are still yellow after 215 so I'd continue to do that instead of switching to something that is 3x more resource costly. Thanks making this guide though – it's a good starting point.

  3. this guide forgets to tell you to keep a lot of the crap you craft if you want to take up Armorsmithing. Before you dive TOO deep into this guide make sure you have a plan on weather you want to go armor or weaponsmithing and read up on what is needed for the quests to obtain the skill set you chose.

  4. Definitely appreciate this video!! I've subscribed and will be watching your other videos on Classic WoW concerning leveling. 🙂

    Really appreciate your positive attitude toward new or returning players! I've played WoW a little bit back during BC on Horde but not for all that long. I just started playing Alliance and I'm digging it! 🙂

  5. you go for the orange craft for the 100% chance to get the skill up… But many , many times is just better to go for a yellow craft instead of orange when the cost of material is quite substantial


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