Classic WOW Cold Eye Basilisk Farm (Vendor Trash) + Gold Gained/XP Chart


Chart Used to Calculate Info

Hey everyone ! One of the very many vendor trash farms everyone can do leveling that has potential to make good cash. Highly contested area, but if you can get some time farming them to yourself, its worth it !


  1. How long did it take you? I can make 7-10 gold per hour farming at my favorite spot and with rare drops occasionally that average goes way up

  2. Nice guide. I think the jaguars in swamp of sorrows net more gold per 100 kills BUT… A seemingly way more used and established method. This could be a good alternative for people who don't like crowded areas where you have to fight for mobs. I subscribed.

  3. @Bega King Would you be able to estimate the amount of gold gained from level 38-40 by doing normal quests / grinding to see how much more profitable this would be compared to normal means?

  4. you are fucking stupid for taking your time to make this video. jesus christ man does the sunlight burn you when you go outside?

  5. Nice content man. Just a few video tips. Seems like you're reading your text for your videos, try placing your camera closer to where you are reading from so it looks like you're looking at the camera.
    2. Edit some music into the background of your videos so you cant hear the ambient sounds in your room (hums, vents, fans, etc). You can use beats that aren't copy written or even music from each respective zone you are covering to give some more immersion.

    Overall great content and keep it up! You have my sub. Cheers.

  6. @2:01 What the Hell? Why on earth did you just vendor those large fangs? Those are rare drop recipe items that sell for approx 50-100g each on LIVE. I wouldn't venture a guess as to the value on Classic, but I dare say it's a fair whack more than the vend price.

  7. You sir are a hidden gem. Speaking as someone who played the AH back in the day and bought and resold Runecloth to purchase my mounts, I plan on using your content to make my life significantly easier this next time around. It's a shame more people don't know about you, or understand the true potential of these videos. Just wanted to say thanks.

  8. Nice video, I would ada a note: the profession Skinning is possible on this mobs and you can sell the mats also to vendors. It will slightly increase your income by every killed mob.

  9. Nice guide. You should have sped up or cut out the part where you sold all the items though as it's quite boring to watch you sell items for like 30 seconds.


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