Classic WoW: Duo Leveling Guide (Best Class Combinations, Strategy, Tips & Tricks)


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  1. “…as opposed to if you were to go Holy or something as a paladin. You might have a bad time trying to kill stuff on your own.”

    Oh, I know the pain all too well. Questing can be a real grind as a solo Holy paladin. Easy to stay alive, but DPS is miserable. Killing stuff takes forever. Lack of ranged damage can be a real pain, especially in areas with rough geography that make pulling difficult.

    I can attest to the strength of the Warlock + Paladin combo though. Holy spec paladins can keep the heals coming so the warlock can Life Tap like mad and just let the voidwalker tank. You’d definitely want the protection paladins in dungeons or with elite mobs however. The best part is the group value a Holy spec pally and warlock bring to a group. Heals, resurrections, soulstones, and summons. As a pair you’re a great package combo. Get yourself a tank and you’re set for anything.

  2. After leveling every class to 60 along with my brother during pre bc.. most definitely the fastest way of leveling by far. Especially when you get the tank and heal role for fast groups in dungeons.

  3. If you need to rez someone more than every 30 minutes you're grouping with the wrong guy, especially in a duo situation where you literally only have one guy to rez.

  4. I know im late to this party.. but how the hell is druid priest not tier one? The ONLY con is misaligned speed. Which isnt a con really thats more like looking for a con.
    Druid with any healer means 100% cat form uptime. But that healer has great cc as well. Buff synergy. Survivability. Instant groups. In pvp being able to stay in cat form is a druids wet dream. This is tier 1 all the way.

  5. Priest – Enchanting/Tailoring (drop later for engineer)
    Rogue – Engineering/Mining
    Druid – Alchemy/Gathering

    Start 2 skinning to sell shit and just send money to the third. Level 3rd the slowest.

    My plan

  6. I was duoing with a rogue from 5-16 and we were putting in work, making backstab sandwiches is crazy effective. Bouncing the threat helps spread the damage.
    Might not have that t1 synergy with buffs/heals/res but I think it could definitely hang with the t2 stuff.
    Working potions and bandages (the one without threat can bandage), double sap if need be, it can make clearing stuff way easier. We were definitely moving, probably spending about 1/3-2/5ths of the time per engagement vs a solo rogue.

  7. i disagree on the sharing gear type part. Going warrior/paladin you can have 1 go blacksmithing and make gear for both. And when looting, gear with intellect goes to the paladin, gear without intellect goes to the warrior… Same thing for rogue/druid


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