Classic Wow: Fishing and Cooking 1-300 guide (Fast and Cheap)!


Classic Wow: Fishing and Cooking 1-300 guide (Fast and Cheap)!
Fishing 1-300 guide, Cooking 1-300 guide, Classic Proffesions



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  1. Timestamps:

    Intro / Disclaimer = 0:15

    Apprentice / Journeyman Fishing Trainer locations = 0:33

    Expert Fishing trainer location = 1:16

    Artisan Fishing training location = 1:52

    Apprentice / Journeyman Cooking Trainer locations = 2:57

    Expert Cooking trainer location = 3:25

    Artisan Cooking training location = 3:42

    Leveling Up part 1, 1-75 = 4:20 (blaze it)

    First recipes = 4:33

    Cooking up to 110 = 5:03

    Leveling Up Part 2, 75-150 = 5:13

    Second recipes = 5:38

    Leveling Up Part 3, 150-175 = 5:57

    Fishing for 175 – 225 = 6:12

    Third recipes / Leveling to 225 = 6:34

    Get Artisan quests and Fourth recipes = 6:56

    Fishing up to 275 = 7:38

    Fishing for Large Raw Mightfish & Darkclaw Lobster = 8:11

    Completing Cooking and Fishing to 300 = 8:43

  2. Thank you! I was reaching 150 fishing and couldn't remember if it was a trainer or a book I needed to get.

    1g for the book in Booty Bay, but it's okay-ish.

  3. Is it normal that even in high level zones that the Fishing skill's leveling becomes painfully slow when your nearing the end of it's progression?

  4. Is this guy trolling us calling him “Pat Nagel”?? He’s only the most famous fisherman in the history of Azeroth and you don’t even know his fucking name.. What kind of fishing guide is this?

  5. Honestly? Great Video. The only thing I wish you couldve done and a lot of youtubers dont do.. When I watch people making guides I tend to look for specific informations. In my case, I wanted to start off cooking with fishing combined. And you actually described it starting at 4:22 – I was about to click your video away if I hadnt seen it by accident. Long story short, timestamps at the beginning would be awesome. For the rest, you provided so much information and that is absolutely great!

  6. Semi-afk moneymaking! I will be fishing a lot in classic. Thanks man. Gnomes are my favorite race but Im not a fan of Alliance cities or zones really. Rollin undead priest

  7. This is really good ! I didn't even think about fishing and cooking until I watched this. Great job my man!! My level 32 mage is now on expert cooking and fishing 🙂

  8. Is the only difference between this and regular wow fishing/cooking that you don't have to buy the individual skill levels?
    or does this legit only work in classic WoW?

  9. When I tried fishing at the camp, all I got was Catfish and Mithril Head Trout. No Salmon, Snapper, or Redgill. Fishing lvl 260, am I missing something?

  10. Hey man, thank you very much for the shout out! I've noticed an upward swing in my views, Likes and Subs. Much appreciated! Great video as well. Now I need to go through and watch them all. 😀

  11. Hey man you have really good content, don't know why you don't have more subs i will be recommending your channel for classic guides from now on.

  12. Really nice video, though if I could suggest noting down all the place names before you film! That way you we don't get 'that place near the Undercity' and 'temple of something beginning with A' 😛


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