Classic WoW: Fishing for Gold – Learn How


Classic makes gold not easy, but at a lower level you can feel Desperately looking at the cost of your 40-level mount. That’s why today I want to tell you how to make money you need. And cooking professional. In my fishing and cooking guide I will show you how easy it is to level your fishing and From time cooking skills to 300 you reach level 35. There is no need to do this for you, but it does create a very profitable opposite ortunity.

You are leveling as you. Please understand that the sale price of the home for this auction will depend on fluctuations. Your server is economical, so the potential of income I tell you is the average price, I have See a few markets. Before we get started, it’s important to give you an overview of what fishing skill levels are. You need each area. This chart can be handy for you, but generally just look at the level of the area. You are at the level of five times to figure out the fishing skills you need. Remember, this is the minimum, you need to fish in these waters, A higher level of technology will require a 100% intercept rate. I will talk more about how to improve your static fishing skills after the video. Because the creatures are in most areas, you will fish, I will not recommend the level You start fishing gold at least to level 20.

The earliest fish that can create a certain wealth is the mutant fish, you will need a minimum Catch them in your fishing skills 50. It can be caught in the barren land, and also in the three forgotten pools of crying. cave. This makes it harder for them to farm players and make it richer. For this reason, the league players. 20 mutant fish piles will get 2-8 gold between the league players, but the Horde players It is possible to see only the average of half of the amount. In addition, you can cook the mutated fish and become delicious and deviate from this.

Provide a buff, but you can change them at will in a pirate or ninja. These are usually sold in pairs of 1 or 2 gold. Mutant fish is also a reagent for the growth of pharmacy giants, so if you are an alchemist Keep the eyes on the market and see what is better to sell. In general, a single agent grown by the giant will also sell 1 or 2 gold. The next fish you are going to find the minimum fishing skills between needs 150 and 225.

Make sure you use the bait if you are still below 200. These two fish are black mouth, and Firefin squid. These fish can only be caught in the fishing pond, which in turn is discovered On the shoreline. If you are still in the range of 20, you will find these pools on the Black Sea, Menethil A coalition of harbors, as well as tribes of silver and barren land. When you reach level 30 it will be safer to start fishing along the Savage Coast, And wetlands. Booty Bay is also a good place for these two kinds of fish as well.

Remember, these two fish can be found on almost all coastlines, so you go up At the level, you will have more areas to open you to catch them. A stack of black mouth will let you 5 to 10 gold, Firefin鲷 will get About 4 to 8 gold per pile.

Black and Firefin squid can be used to make black oil and fire oil It is a reagent for alchemists to create several projects. These items are shown here and are usually sold individually at the following prices. Perhaps the most profitable fish on any server is the stone scale, but it is the most Competitive. This is because the stone scales created the stone scale oil, which is the reagent It is very necessary to end the game consumables, Titan mixture. The hotel’s swimming pool is only found in coastal waters, perhaps the most popular spot to find The Stonscale pool is in the hot sand port of Tanaris.

There is another point, this is not for competitiveness, this is here along the coast of the Savage Stranglethorn Vale. Here you will find other areas of their presence in Feralas, Azshara, and Hinterlands. With a stack of stone scales, you will get 20-30 gold. This will probably be a goldfish, so let’s talk about the fish to make a rich cooking now. recipe. The first one we will talk about is the rat tail fish, which can be caught from the discovery pool. In the lakes, ponds and rivers. I found these pools most often along the river in the Cape of Stranglethorn, but They can also be found in Feralas, Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills and Hinterlands.

This is also the formula, the endless reagents of the rat tail fish, so pay attention to the auction house. See which one will win the most profit for you. On average, both will be worth the gold between the 2 and 8% piles anywhere. The remaining fish, you can catch up to earn gold will require you to have 300 skills. If you look at my fishing and cooking guide,

I found out how you can do it at the level. 35. When you level your fishing and cooking yourself the biggest, you will eventually catch up with a few piles Soft banana squid and squid squama. The frequency at which you will catch these two fish depends on the server time, this Shown here. Soft banana squid will get a decent amount of your gold, but it really makes a profit Potentially cooked banana bread for sale. The stack of banana bread, you will get far worse than the average stone scale The selling price of 15-25g per pile. The squid squid won’t win as much as you can, and it’s like soft banana squid to be cooked. Earn more.

Boiled squama squid is something you will cook, you can sell the stack about 1-5 gold. The two fish depend on when you are fishing, but for these it is not the actual time You are fishing, but the season. These two fishes I mean are winter trout and summer bass. Winter squid can be caught between the fall and spring equinoxes, as early as 2004 It is from September 23 to March 19. Now, we have to assume that it will work in the same way in the classic, so no matter what the winter Beginning with the spring equinox, you can assume that you can catch winter trout.

The best place to catch the winter trout is in the storm in the bay of Azshara, but also Can be captured with less frequency in Feralas, Hinterlands, and Tanaris. It is a valuable item in the auction house because it can be cooked to make grilled squid This is a buff for hot foods for thieves and hunters. When the season, grilled squid stack, you will get 5-15 gold, but not in season That is, the average will likely rise to 10-20. Summer bass, as you may have guessed, can be captured between spring and fall equinox.

It can be caught in the same position as winter squid, and can be cooked and become The hot smoked bass provides a +10 spirit buff. This is almost no after the winter squid, so I generally do not deliberate After taking this big fish, it produces any kind of wealth. But if you are fishing in Azshara and you will inevitably catch some, and You catch big fish.

Ohara Big Fish can be cooked to big fish steaks which offer a popular food lover Tank class. For the highest frequency capture the cave you want to make yourself Scalebeard, its Here is located in Azshara. The stack of big fish steaks gives you 5-10 gold around you. Extra bass summer or winter squid, you catch up on this will make this place all More lucrative. More gold production oppositeortunities are outside the cooking fish, so now I want to talk About the wreckage pool. When you are in the wreck, you will fish the trunk pool fish, and the type of torso What you get will be determined by your level in the fishing area.

The wrecked pool is mostly found in coastal waters, but this is not always case. Now, here I will take a moment to tell you what is the most common item for each type of trunk Will fall. These items are always in demand at the auction house, so the more you rush the profits You will be able to turn. Price points, all the items shown here vary greatly, so your hourly potential gold It will depend on your own server economy. We’re done talking about profit, so let’s take a moment to discuss how we can increase Our fishing skills. In the highest level area, you will need 425 fishing skills to not lose Any fish.

Since our technology is in 300 bursts we need a lot of help, so your best choice is to make This growth is a fishing bait. All the temptations are connected to your fishing rod and provide their BUFF for ten minutes Except for the underwater fish trap, it lasts only five minutes. The most common temptation you want to use is the bright gadget that gives you a +75 Bonus, your fishing, which means we need to find 50 skill points.

So now, let’s talk about fishing rods. At the beginning of the year the level of alliance in the pursuit of the Black Sea, which will make their family Blump Fishing rod, or you can buy a strong fishing rod, but those who do not provide BUFF What is really needed. What kind of big iron fish you really need is what it can find Trap the trap in Sar’theris East Street and give a +20 fishing bonus. You will usually ask for at least 30 levels before you go looking for it. The Horde player has a slightly better fishing rod and gives a +25 fishing bonus visit. Anglers from Katoom in the village of Reventusk can pursue at level 44.

However, all their big dads are Auchin fishing rods, which can only win. Successfully win the Stranglethorn Valley Fishing Contest held every Sunday 2 pm. The last item you need, reaching 425 magic number is the lucky fishing cap, Nat · Pug’s Extreme Anglin boots and high test Hengjin fishing line, all available Each additional 5 fishing skills. These are the rare fishes that turn to all rewards during the Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament In the treasure bay. If you like this guide, please Nat Pug is proud, the favorite subscription is Notify me of new content I created for World of Warcraft classics.

I hope to help you and learn a new source of income to help you pay. Your training and 40 and 60. You can follow me on the Icosiol classic Warcraft on Twitter by clicking on the link provided below. For some of my other content, you can click on any of these links here. Thank you very much for watching, don’t forget to drink some Linshi Rum Black. Label, because if you don’t do it when fishing is correct you are not drunk.


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