Classic WoW Gold Guide, Professions Edition – Tips & Tricks from Rags to Riches


Classic Vanilla WoW gold guide, How to make gold with professions, setting up a business, Tips and tricks to make stable income.

0:07 Intro
1:07 First Method
3:40 Details for crafting with professions for first method.
5:11 Total gold/hour first spot
5:50 Second gold making method
7:53 Details for the second method
8:59 Total gold second spot
9:27 Outro

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Classic WoW release is just around the corner, It’s going to be the best MMO for 2019 and beyond.
Welcome back to a new episode of rags to riches. In our previous episode we covered one of the high end grinding spots in Azshara, and due to the overwhelming amount of grinding we recently did on this channel, today’s video is going to be a bit different but still with the same core idea, making gold in classic wow. Sometimes, to much grind tends to burn you out and the approach for this guide is to use professions as an alternative way to get similar gold gains to a top grinding spot. The requirement for this guide are 3 professions: Alchemy, Herbal-ism and Fishing. Keep in mind that the methods i’m going to show are suited even for low level players that seek to make an extra buck for the mount at level 40, learning spells from trainers or even purchasing some upgrades from the auction house.

Today, we’re going to journey into the wetlands in order to collect the materials required for the free action potion. One of the most powerful mixtures when used right, Free action potions

The average price for the straglekelp is between 5 and 10 silver each, usually more expensive for the alliance due to limited access to barrens.
The Fire oil goes for about 25 silver consistent as this is used by player to power level alchemy and the the free action potion sells for 1 to 3 gold, depending on the servers economy but most of the times you’ll find it for slightly under 2 gold and early game slightly above 1 gold. Calculated all the potion at 1.50 and made a total of 39 gold/ hour without including the crafting times. Now, taking into consideration the fact that this method can be used as early as level 30, the numbers are pretty impressive. If your profession of choice are not alchemy and herbal ism you could always level an alt to lets say, 40… train these skills and have an alternative way of making gold in classic world of worcraft. Since we are on this topic, lets explore another method of making gold with the same professions.

As we reach the end of this episode, I would like to remind you that this video was made to show the full potential of using professions while leveling to 60 and beyond. How knowledge about things in game can increase your income significantly.

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  1. Still in doubt about my rogue professions, should I chose herbalism + alchemy or have herbalism + skinning and alt with alchemy… But getting that alt to lvl 40 for max profession is a pain in the ass…

  2. I love these videos. It's stuff most of us know. For me, it's things I figured out too late.

    We have a chance to start over, do things right this time. Roll the right class, grind the right spots.

    So freaking ready man.

  3. G'day frost love your content. I am planning to go enchanting and mining for classic I would like to go engineering later on but make gold early on what do you think? Keep up the good work, and of course stay frosty.

  4. It's not even out yet and already there's an "guide".. Da fuq is wrong with people these days?! Yes they say that they'll keep things as original as possible but c'mon – it's blizzard and there's no "as" with them.

  5. Your videos are a blessing and a curse at the same time. It keeps me sustained until the release of classic WoW but it also increases the ravenous hunger for it making the wait even more painful.

  6. 39gold an hour with alchemy is if ur workd is a private offline server i suppose, cuz you wont gather easily on vanilla and u might get 0gold in 1 hour if u are unlucky getting ganked and other ppl camping flowers, was already hard when elysium launched so vanilla herbs will be a rarity for sure. Yet alchemy is great its my favorite profession

  7. this is one of the main things im so exited for profs and accomplishment from doing them was my fav thing in wow other then lvling/story it kept changing and getting more lost but panda land was last xpac that I enjoyed it at all but dreanor gave profs the hammer and I cant enjoy wow anymore I play maybe a month or 2 after fresh xpac b4 I find myself having no reason left the instant grad made it redic but the profs and now the extreme instant grad has ruined wow for me 100% with nothing left to love so getting back to classic will be amazing

  8. Maybe I missed it, but any chance on doing some videos on addons that will help us make gold? Pros and cons of similar addons, etc. Which ones will work with 1.12? Where to get them, trusted sites?

  9. You are GOoD! Can't believe I thought plebs like esfand knew what was going on with the vanilla, all he does is sit in a chair. Thanks for sharing knowledge sir frost

  10. @Frostadamus Can you make a video about gathering macros? Like herbalism with mining. Is it possible, and better choice than herbalism with alchemy? Please answer me. I did not find any videos about this combination of proffs. Just pick up herbalism with mining and make a video about grinding herbs and veins. It would be awesome dude. Stay frosty!

  11. Just wanted to ask a quick question, I used your UI guide from 2 years ago and I love it. But I dont know how to fix the icon size on different things or length on like f.example xp bar, and when I do /reload. I get much bigger invisible buttons overlapping the old ones.

  12. You by far have the best WoW merch I've seen so far. I had to buy your Classic WoW -10 real life shirt for sure, but its been almost 3 weeks and it hasn't even shipped yet… just wondering if this Is normal?

  13. Hey frost. Love your videos, watch alot of them over and over, your voice is just so amazing! A tip on a grinding spot, for levling mostly, is fire roc's in tanaris! They have low armor and health, similar to whelplings! Keep doing you bro, much love.


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