Classic WoW Gold Guide Semi-AFK: Vanilla Guide – Rags to Riches #05


Classic Vanilla WoW Gold Guide easy, a little secret. This is a good way to make money semi-afk.

0:09 Intro
0:40 First Method LW
2:20 Example of Method
5:12 Second Method Tailor+ Enchanting
7:25 Extra – Outro
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Hello everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to another episode of rags to riches, this is the 5th episode of the series… a series where we detail ways to make gold in classic world of warcraft. Previously we covered a high level grinding spot, today we’re going to have different approach by using professions and time to make some extra gold…The methods im going to show today work specially during a fresh server release but not only. So without further ado, lets explore.

The first method requires leatherworking. The fun part about this is that it can be done semi-afk assuming you get prepared in advance during your playtime.

As soon as you reach 225 skill with leatherworking Nightscape tunic and Nightscape headband will become available at the the leatherworking trainers:
– Drakk Stonehand in Hillsbrad foothills for Alliance.
– Hahrana Ironhide in Feralas for the Horde.

The way to make gold with these recepies is to mass craft and sell them to vendor. This is a decent gold method if you work from home or if you can remotely access your computer from your workplace. Also if you feel like watching a movie… for 2 hours your character can still make a decent amount of gold, semi-afk, with minimum effort.

Method 2

In the second method will use Tailoring and enchanting to create wands. This can be viable during a fresh launch experience as everyone will need them, specially warlocks and priests. Sometimes they’ll burn all their silver just to get one. Although I’ve never tried this method, in theory it sounds doable. Even if you don’t make lots of gold with it, it will still help provide wands for your close friends and guild members. In rags to riches not everything it’s about making gold because the richness of a player it’s not necessarily defined by the amount of digits his backpack carries.
So, as soon as you pick tailoring and enchanting start saving all the linen cloths and if your friends need wands… tell them to give you their supply aswell. Make bolts from all the cloth until you reach skill lvl 30. At that point you can learn to craft the brown linen robe which is of green quality and has around 20% chance to yield 1 or 2 lesser magic essence upon disenchanting. In my experience 20 robes resulted in 20 strange dusts and 8 Lesser magic essence but it’s all tied to the RNG nature of the process. Sometimes you’ll get lucky sometimes, well… not lucky. Don’t worry to much about it as you can use the dust to level up enchanting.
Use the first essence to create a runed copper rod and the rest to create wands. If you’re lucky and get a nice amount of essence you could try to sell them on the general chat for maybe around 50 silver, some people will be willing to pay that price. If not just give them away and make someone happy.


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  1. Got my mount money and more from tunics. Paired with skinning your basically getting 7s per mob.

    Also some golden pearls.

    Oh and a truckload of gold from refined deeprock salt!

  2. I wonder what the gold per hour is on vendoring the nightscape headbands if you skin the thick leather yourself? Currently day 5 of classic release and there is never any thick leather on the AH at all. Don't quite have the skill level to do it myself yet, but I think its probably decent GPH.

  3. I adore your videos because you give alot of lore background information most players don't know and the math skills to make gold 🙂 I pass time waiting for classic by watching classic wow video how-tos 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of why all the epic and blues I just vendored like trash when retail expansions came…and are going to be valuable now! After running the stress tests in August, I'm psyched and ready to play the grind that made you feel like you achieved something with blood, sweat, and numb butts.

  4. I've personally tried the rush for crafting wands through enchanting with tailoring to make greens, and was able to make a lesser by lvl 10 and greater by 15 or 16.
    It's a very big game changer especially for priests, but I was easily selling lesser wands for 25s on the AH and greaters for 1g.

  5. I'm in a weird state of intermittent hype. I cant play private for more than 1 hour at a time due to shut down but cant start another mmo knowing I'll be quitting it in a month

  6. Maybe we could move on fairly quickly towards cataclysm and reforge the world as warfront/conquest/world quest zones.
    At this point it seems like companies should utilize as many pre-existing assets to create new experiences while we wait for the next generation of gaming

  7. This is the second video I’ve tried watching where you’re just fucking vending all the gear, guys, don’t do this. Maybe because he’s used to the private server that’s already on nax or whatever but the shit this guy always vendors I was always able to sell on the AH for 2-5x as much…

    Fucking stupid “gold guide” where he vendors everything.

    Yeah sure cuz we all have 4 hours to make 50 headbands to just vendor them all..


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