Classic WoW Guide – Gold Farming In Azshara – Single Target PvE – Blood Elves Encampment


Hey guys! Bringing another gold farming guide. This is useful for single target gold farming. When you are stuck in your raid spec and you can’t AoE, then finding a nice spot to farm gold can really be useful. In this we explore around Azshara and one of my favorite single target encampments. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Also place with Dragonkin (elite) is in my opinian ( skinning ) best place to farm green, poor and epick items and ofc. skin and chests 🙂

  2. kind of pointless to show areas that are highly farmed AND are quest mobs
    in addition the mobs shown have low health/low armor so people XP grind on them as well
    at the very least you could have said 'if they're being farmed already, check out the Satyr camps nearby for Felcloth drops'


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