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Lets take a step into AoE grinding, stay ahead of the pack and grind grind grind baby!

Intro: 0:13
Overview: 0:39
Financial Advising: 0:46
Talents: 1:32
Wand Progression: 3:30
Gear Choices: 4:23
Macros & Add-ons 5:17
Miscellaneous 8:01
AoE Grinding Example: 8:54
Outro 11:15

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  1. This guys aoe putting is pretty bad, definitely get 3/3 blizzard talent and don't get 5/5 imp frost bolt.

    Round your mobs up, use rank 1 arcane explosion to keep them aggro'd, nova then blink and you want to aim to blizzard three times.

    Each time you finish casting blizzard you should be steping back a few steps or make your character cast blizzard on the side and strafe to your left. By the time your mob at near you frost nova and then hit them with cone of cold and arcane explosion!

  2. Good guide. Only thing I'd correct is probably the decision to buy a bunch of 6 slot bags straight away. If you buy them from a vendor for 5s each nobody in their right mind would pick them up on the AH for more than that. So at best, you're covering your original costs but because there is an AH fee you're not even doing quite that. I'd buy 1 bag at most because generally your early stage quests have you coming back to the general vicinity of a trader for turn in…. dump the trash and head back out. You'll collect enough linen in your first few quests outside of your level 1-5 starting area that you can generally have a tailor make them for you. No shortage of helpful people in Classic 🙂
    Save yourself 15s this way.

  3. Why don't I have to worry about the cost of drinks because I'm a mage? Also, a few of these addons aren't on twitch can I find them somewhere? Also do these macros work yet? lol

  4. Your pulling sequence is clearly not the best one. The most efficient by far is : gather mobs around in a tight group, then CoC, FN, run to max distance, Blizz, Blizz, CoC, FN, Blizz. Usually, if you're pulling mobs the same level as you, they start dying at this point (and you start running out of mana too). Either wand the remaining ones to death, or kite arcane explosion the last ones, whichever you prefer. It's always a good thing to have a mana gem ready for use, as well as health / mana pots, but you already mentionned that.

  5. Hey guys, im come from germany.. My English is Not the Best.. :/ can anybody wright down the Talents the right way? From lvl 11 till lvl 21-23? I know mages can begin with aoe Leveling with lvl 21-23. But I need the right skill Talent way :(.. Can everyone help me pls?

  6. You should level Fireball as u will encounter certain mobs before 60 that are frost resistant and also early on you get ranks of fireball at earlier levels than ranks of frostbolt and fireball will hit harder before you have any talents that increase ur frost damage. Also what is this stupid wand progression? at level 30 you have a mage class quest that gives you Icefury Wand which is your best all the way to 60 lol

  7. Some comments from an experienced pserver mage:

    1. Only get 2/3 elemental precision early on while leveling. Your hit cap against +0/+1/+2 mobs is 3%/4%/5% respectively, so the last point only gives you +1% chance to hit a +2 mob. I pick up the last point during the 36-39 talent doldrums where there's not really anything else worth picking up.

    2. No need for winter's chill or ice shards in a blizzard build. Blizzard can't crit, so these talents do nothing for your primary damaging spell. Ice Shards can be more useful in a "mid-range" AoE build centered around Cone + Flamestrike + AE spam, which is my preferred duo build due to higher DPS + less focus on mana efficiency in a group leveling context. Solo players are likely better off with the standard blizzard build.

    3. 2/3 vs. 3/3 imp blizzard: This comes down to whether you're a blizzard or cone + flamestrike-centric build. The last 15% slow on blizzard doesn't sound like much, but it's actually really impactful. With permafrost, this leads to having a 60% slow vs. a 75% slow. The mobs are moving 37.5% slower under the 3/3 blizzard than under the 2/3 blizzard, and this ensures that a mob at the edge of your blizzard to start will take every single tick of your blizzard as it walks through. The (not insignificant) problem with 3/3 blizzard is that CoC no longer overwrites your blizzard slow, meaning you have to wait for mobs to pop out of slow and start moving at full speed before you can cone them for slowing, which is why you don't take the 3rd point in a CoC-centric build. By contrast, at 2/3 blizzard doesn't overwrite CoC, but blizzard ticks once a second so the CoC slow expires, the mob runs around for 1/2 a second or so, and immediately gets slowed again.

    4. Spellpower is bad while leveling. In an AoE context, your primary AoE spells (blizzard, CoC) have terrible spellpower coefficients. In ST, you only see a benefit from SP if having it allows you to kill mobs in one fewer frostbolt. Odds are, unless you go out of your way to buy SP gear off the AH, that you won't have enough for it to matter.

  8. Excellent guide apart from the aoe grinding skill rotation, it’s more like:

    Strafe pull with Ice armour, CoC, nova, move far enough for 2 blizzards, blizzard 1, blizzard 2, repeat. (Blink is unnecessary as the time you have is plenty for max range)

    Doing this you rarely need to use mana crystals and can grab the maximum amount of mobs you can without going below ~20% HP. I sometimes need a health pot with 10+ mobs if I take crits etc, and sometimes it’s best to iceblock while they all gather around you before you nova so you take the least damage possible waiting for them to stack.

  9. Great video and super informative. I just have two small pointers/questions:
    1) In the future could you make a "deep dive" mage guide that goes into gear progression, ideal zones to be leveling in (darkshore vs westfall), gold farming pre 40 etc.?

    2) I've seen this pointed out in one of your comments below and heard it from other youtubers as well, but AOE grinding as a mage in the open world on a fresh classic server will be extremely difficult unless you are way ahead of the pack, or really far behind. The majority of players will be stuck somewhere in between, so i think a practical leveling guide should focus more on high single target damage and survivability. I know you showed an example of a single target spec at the beginning but i think more should of been said about this topic.

    3) I think that you should at least consider leveling fireball along side frostbolt for two reasons, one in open world pvp you want to kill the target asap so you open with r1 frost for the slow and then spam fireball, and secondly some quests have you kill water elementals, and if classic is scripted like other private servers, water elementals are immune to frost dmg which poses a problem if all you have in your kit is frost spells.

    Thanks again, great work and sorry for the short story of a post!


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