Classic WoW Professions Part 2: Production!


Professions are awesome in Classic, let me tell you why.

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  1. Anyone know if there's an addon that adds a search bar to your enchants window like retail has?

  2. Bro, I was torn on what I should do, as I rolled a lock. I went alch and herb just cause I like have having pots and flasks. But now I may end up going Tailoring etc..

  3. Confirmed why I already was going engineer for pvp. Was gonna do mining / skinning for gold, but looking at the ah prices of low level mats doesn't seem worth it atm. Gathering prob wont br a good money maker till people are 60 and start power leveling profs.

  4. With the launch of classic, are you still going to make guides once you progress further? Or will you upload stream highlights/clips?

  5. Personal Note: Engineering (Especially since it's near essential for gnomes) is the best for Rogues Professions besides Herbalism, Leather Working is tail end last for rogues due to it's lack of any class specific items created for them and the mail armor selection for Shamans and Hunters, as Blacksmithing's end game was for Warriors and Paladins Leatherworking was the best Hunter and Shaman end game profession, in edition rogues benefitted from the engineering trinkets that summoned the whelpings are they would hold aggro off the rogue in lvling, and Ravenholdt's special engineering schematics, (and the bloodvine lens). while rogues could run leatherworking it was more pointless in endgame due to raid tier sets and weapons making most of leatherworking gear useless for rogues excluding the onyxian scale cloak for Nefarian.

  6. Smoking heart of – – Hey, i didn't know that was a thing. And i do plan on being both a feral tank and an enchanter. Now i have one more reason to stay the course.
    On that note – i love how rare and varied trinkets are in vanilla. In current they are dime a dozen and provide minor stat increases, often even without proc. As someone who first got on retail during cataclysm prepatch i'm itching to experience vanilla content as it was meant to be.

  7. Once upon a time I tought: Wouldn't enchanting vellums be a great idea facilitating the way you can buy/sell enchants without the hassle of needing to track people down.
    Boy did I not expect how stuff like this really brought a server together, making it a true social game and not a game you log on and play solo.

  8. When you're renewing your engineering membership, can you then choose the other one to get all the items?

  9. 1 day!!!
    Gonna lvl skinning + tailor, then drop at 60 for engi and herb or mining
    Got all the time in the world bb

  10. Want to do enchanting but unless you know you are going to have purples funneled to you at end game by a guild to get nexus crystals I dont see the point. Think I'll go tailoring/skinning maybe drop skinning at 60 for someone else.

  11. What's the ambient music score in the background? If there are different pieces of music playing at different points, which one was playing during the Engineering portion?


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