Classic WoW: Rogue Leveling Guide (Talents, Rotation, Weapon Progression, Tips & Tricks)


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  1. Really been wanting to return to wow but from what I've been reading wow classic is just going to stand still and not move on into the other expansions. Is it worth it or is it just going to be living a dying memory?

  2. Before picking sword specialization post 30 why would you put a sword in the main hand when you can equip a mace with higher end damage?
    Isn't end damage the more important stat in the main hand for the instant sinister strike?
    2nd question, do you think a hemo spec is viable for leveling at a certain point?

  3. Doing Poison quest at 20 was pretty easy, make sure you have at least one point in stealth
    Make sure when you get close to pickpocket the key no other pats are around and stay behind at all times and walk while pickpocketing
    stealth to top of tower and sap npc then loot chest and jump down to entrance and sprint away using evasion
    at least that's how I did it..only had one death at level 20 and two tries .
    personally I do not like riposte, to each their own.

  4. You NEVER EVER go remorseless attack late on, put those 2 points into SnD duration and +25 energy on finishers
    Remorseless is good at early levels (like 2 points into improved SS then 2 into remorseless, then normal combat progression) when you don't have a lot of crit or dmg.
    Basic rotation is something like ss > snd > ss (with energy tick) > ss > ss > evi
    It's nice if you chain mobs to use 1 snd on 2 mobs then you get better evi on 2nd, also using gouge (with bandage prolly) before energy tick so you can burst to escape from sticky situations

    Oh and it's also better to finish off dual wield spec after finishing sword spec and expertise

  5. I wish you would explain why not to use certain talents for example you completely ignore Eviscerate and I think it should have some points to it however you don't add points and worst you don't explain why not? Maybe there's a good reason why you don't add points to Eviscerate but please tells us why Not???

  6. Dude the first character I ever leveled was a human rogue when I was like 13. I still remember having Triprunner Dungarees and vendoring them for a green "of the wolf" set of pants because they had one more armor.

    Also I once vendored a Staff of Jordan because :O 3g!!!

  7. Thank you for your content and Happy New Year!
    Kargoz, what do you think of leveling as Hemo-sword rogue? 21-3-27
    Is it playable if you prioritize sub branch and after you get Preparation and Hemo you switch to Assasination?


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