Classic WoW: Rogue Speed Leveling Guide | Weapon Progression | Talents | Macros | Add-ons



Dusting off the ol’ twinkle toes and dippin back down in to some Rogue leveling!

Defcamp & Melderon TV:

Intro: 0:10
Overview: 0:43
Financial Advising: 1:03
Talents: 4:01
Weapon Progression: 4:40
Gear Choices: 6:18
Macros & Add-ons: 6:43
Miscellaneous: 8:56

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  1. You don't want just any MH weapon going to your OH when you upgrade…, you ALWAYS want a high dmg slow MH and fast offhand.

    As you're leveling grab the best offhand you can regardless of type, don't force a bad sword over a mace that does more dmg. Daggers are fine too, and it's usually easier to find a fast one compared to a sword or mace.

    A dagger MH spec isn't out of the question if it's a rare at your level, otherwise swords or maces is a better spec for leveling.

  2. You missed /cast Riposte /cast Sinister Strike because while Riposte is worthless in groups, it's great while leveling and with that macro you never need to worry about whether you click Riposte fast enough.


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