Classic WoW: Shaman Leveling Guide (Talents, Rotation, Weapon Progression, Tips & Tricks)


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  1. Yo dude, awesome guide, thanks alot! Got one question about the aoe talent build. I'd like to get the 2h mace/axe talent to improve my dps when not tanking/doing world stuff etc, what talent would you drop for it?

  2. Honestly think Shaman is a class which is better levelled with someone or in a party, I hit level 32 and was struggling in thousand needles solo, I eventually quit classic because I felt so burned out playing shaman solo. Came back recently as a priest and I'm enjoying it so much more, however, I'd love to redo shaman with a friend or too as they're playing now.

  3. I've been watching leveling guides for all classes. I've narrowed to hunter, mage, sham or lock. Mage or hunt being top 2. What do you think youtube?

  4. i really advise not to respect at 20 just go enhancement lol it was poorly given information 10 to 40 switch to ele at 40 to 60 fastest leveling method

  5. ele leveling is underrated at the 18 minute mark it is recognized but devalued because you cant earthbind kite… you 2 shot every mob, 100% damage mitigation when you kill it before it can even cast a spell. its absolutly silly to pretend enhanc levels faster or more efficiently. just press one button from 10-60

  6. Hi Kargoz! I am playing a troll shaman because of nostalgic reasons with the intention to PvP. Every guide tells me that i should have chosen Orcs. Am I in such a disadvantage with my beloved voodoo boys ? Thanks for the answer and greetings from Germany

  7. I'm a new shaman and have no idea what I'm doing. Have been running around hitting things with a staff and earth shock so thanks for this.

  8. The Shaman tank build is great for leveling. You are very safe and you have to mess up to ever die. You still do great damage with way better survivability, especially on PVP servers.

  9. I see this video was made in 2018. We now know that earthbind kiting doesn't work in retail because of melee leeway and how NPC attack animations are handled. It would be nice if the video could be updated to reflect that.

  10. I don't understand the obsession with improved ghost wolf? Is it for escaping danger purposes? It can't be purely for time saving on travel. You're talking about only 10 minutes every 300 casts

  11. Great guide as always! I followed your warlock guide for my first 60 and man was that helpful. Starting a sham now ! Every time I hit 60 I say “never again” …. this will be my 4th

  12. Some people say that 25% stun resist is redundant when you can just trinket? those people are idiots lol. It’s always better to be able to resist 25% of stuns than to have to trinket one every couple of minutes

  13. I play with lag, so maybe its me that sucks ass, but the totem strat seems useless, i cant kite for shit, cause all mobs resist the totem on the first pulse, and outside of hit range i get double hit cause of the delay, some times if unlucky, triple hit. Am i doing something wrong?


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