Classic WoW Stress Test 2


We have wrapped up the initial strain test for WoW Classic and while we are aware of the concerns that some of you have said, it assisted us in several ways. Testing the login method is definitely an aspect that’s quite important for all of us to research and we did collect some valuable information yesterdayso we appreciate everyone who logged or even tried to do so throughout the testing window — you’ve helped us prepare WoW Classic for launch.

That stated, due to a few of the problems which were struck, we’re unable to examine different aspects that we had planned for. As an outcome, we’ll do another strain test on Wednesday, May 29 in 2-4pm PDT. The stress evaluation kingdom will become accessible at 2pm PDT along with also the level cap will be raised to 10. For accessibility, we’ll be adding everyone who had been invited to the evaluation May 22.

Similar to last time, the strain evaluation kingdom will be available until 4pm PDT on Thursday, May 30 therefore there’s additional time to have a look at the beginning experiences. Please bear in mind that although more problems could affect the drama experience, it’s extremely important to execute these evaluations so we are able to find out about and fix as many of these as possible prior to the launch onto August 27.

We thank you for your continuing support and we’ll see you back to the WoW Classic stress test kingdom really soon.

Hogger also sends his regards…

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