ClassiCast #28 | WoW Classic Beta First Impressions ft. Venruki – The WoW Classic Podcast


Yesterday we had our first ClassiCast of the Classic beta and we were joined by Venruki! Venruki started playing WoW before the BWL Patch, and has been big in the arena scene for some time now and he has been loving the Classic Beta!

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  1. This show was a blast to do, and it's been really fun seeing all the arena boys coming into Classic. The entire Classic Beta has been like some crazy crossover episode on Twitch where you have different WoW communities coming together for the same thing and it's been really awesome to see!

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  2. i very distinctly remember poly-locking people that were grieving me on my mage, to the point of healing the mob up an killing the player if they were giving me a hard enough time. Maybe it was in BC not classic but i remember it in the early days

  3. Applied to you guild, saw the what's your twitch account name. Went FUCK. Bought a seiren X mic and the Kiyo webcam. I've streamed 40 ish hours in the last 5 days. I hope your proud of me dad @esfand.

  4. I am with tips, once they nerfed the dungon content dificulty into the ground in cata is when i quit wow and came to the same conclusion that this game was not for kwbanymore, i kiked the harder dungons.

  5. Not sure if someone still reads here, might post it under a new video again: If I want to play US and EU (like for Esfand's guild f.e.), do I have to install 2 clients or can I switch without much hassle?

  6. I remember lock imp, it would start cast, lose sight, finish cast before bee lining it tp the spot closest to start cast again. So it barely gets LOS to do a full cast. This is how imp was.

    Casts, moves barely LOS shortest distance, try to finish cast even though already LOSighted. Then moves to closest poi t where it would establish LOS just barely

  7. maybe youve sorted this already, the hit box is a bug, and whoever is claiming it isnt has little experience or memory. As well, your imp is suppose to move, he will chase your target if he has to, and will even despawn if hes out of range. This game has died since wotlk ended. it felt like the start of cata was on point, the strategy required was immense but later fell apart, so it will be interesting how they even manage to continue retail after launch of vanilla and potentially bc and wotlk. One really cool aspect of wotlk was ulduar as is often mentioned, even the experience of ice crown citadel was amazing. No pandaria did not for me make any improvements and i feel it back pedaled completely and i noticed the LFG system in wotlk was the first big mistake of wow franchise. I wanted to mention when you were discussing the combat system in wow, the idea that you could PoM Pyro spec or dual arms and fury was a eye opener, and that knowing mobs had such an impact, needing to crowd control them instead of speed clearing with endless aoe as in retail is a big game changer. As well knowing that you have to fight your way through strangle thorn tooth and nail made making it out of those zones a breath of fresh air, unless you went to desolace which infact was and felt like a desolate place. The only time i felt threatened in those zones was when somebody ran by to get to mara.

    THE BIGGEST MISTAKE THEY COULD POSSIBLY MAKE BESIDES SHAREABLE LOOT: is not having the pvp queues in the designated locations. If you can queue in stormwind for av,wsg, and AB, you will never experience the gank fest in tauren mill, the high threat in ashenvale, or the long journies back to your body in arathi highlands. having the game set so you can camp in a major city to pvp is what stripped the world pvp element. if i wanted to queue for alteract valley i had to sit and wait with other players in hillsbrad. Seeing all the grand marshals waiting for queue in ashenvale was like standing beside kings as a pre 30 character and made the experience what it was. Standing outside orgrimmar and dueling knowing that there were designated zones you had to be in to pvp made everyone look like a tool. Mmorpgs are suppose to be adventure based, not arcade style. As well queuing up in these zones wasnt a waste of time, honor combined with reputation gave you the chance to buy the vendor pvp goods that were useful for both pvp and pve, wsg vendor is where you got your first medallion to pop out of crowd control effects.

    SOMEBODY should see if they can glitch into the old iron forge if its still available.

  8. Blizzard (the company already known for lying) states it's a free invite closed beta. Then you notice all the Devs, All the devs families, streamers and youtubers. There isnt much room for all the real players that play the game is there? Just a couple thousand to fill the server maybe? It's all about marketing and money. INFLUENCERS are here to make Blizzard money period. He only deleted his character because he knows he has to to keep it on the DL.. It's so obvious this is all about exposure and money. Every word that comes out of esfands mouth about it not mattering, and how people are being selfish is a psychological tactic used in some cases to manipulate suspects in interviews. I can see it in his eyes. Read him like a book. Wake up kids. This is all about money. Blizzard doesn't give a fuck about us. They haven't since TBC… Every time this getrs deleted I will re-post it. If i get banned i will make another account. This money issue needs exposure and it needs to stop!!! Influencers are sucking you dry just like Blizzard… Just a big cancer ball of marketing and money. They take advantage of young people that dont have the prospective to understand what this business is…

  9. Not saying the current elite damage values are right or wrong but making comparisons to private servers as a base of how classic should play is just wrong. Private servers run emulators e.g. server software written by the community trying to emulate the original experience. It would be different if they had been able to reverse engineer the original server software from Blizz and i doubt they had access to that. NPC quests, npc pathing, damage, scripted boss behavior and a whole lot of other things i most likely forgot to mention are all server side e.g. reverse engineering the client won't give you any information about that.

  10. Hey I'm watching you right now on stream. I have a guy here in Georgia that does embroidering for my detailing company. He is really well priced. Thought I'd let you know so you dont have to wait for them to come in.

  11. about the delays: some of us were students back then with good (university) internet. I had 23 ms ping on a 100mbit line in 2005 (they had 10mbit in 1997 and upgraded that to 100mbit in 2002. Not everybody was on some shitty 1mbit dsl line in Smallville USA back then.

  12. thanks for having these streamer/ content creator gatherings. I am an old skool wow player, haven;t touched retail in 11 years , had never heard of people like Venruki, but I am glad I know him now. I was into private servers , so I knew Tipsout , and I will now also check out Staysafe and Esfand. You all seem to be nice guys

  13. you can easily make gear that are required for raid encounters and PvE and useless/average in PvP, a prime example of such things are the Onyxia cloak, a piece that was essentially required for Nefarian. Make gear build around mitigating the severity of mechanics and you won't have those power spikes, it shouldn't be a requirement to do the encounters but it should mitigate it by a fair amount.

  14. They should have a tribute to "Wall Jumping" in the game… was so fun to explore "hidden zones" back in the day. Saw Mt. Hyjal years before it came out, swam around both continents, twice so get to other hidden/blocked off zones, got to GM island several times… such a great experience.

    My hope is, they're going to ADD content to Vanilla, new dungeons etc. like Kharazan etc. they never got in the origional, instead of expansions. Basically a "different timeline" WoW. Dungeons will have gear for different builds for 60, so all could eventually play "their way". Hope it happens!

  15. Very unlikely I play classic but if wrath came back I'd play for sure and maybe if BC returned. Those both felt more mechanically enjoyable for the classes and less clunky. So I hope the progress the realms to bad that means no wow for another 2-4 years for me. At least I love watching stuff on it still.


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