Collecting Soul Ash in Shadowlands and Crafting Legendaries – Torghast, Mission Table, Intro Questline

Collecting Soul Ash in Shadowlands and Crafting Legendaries - Torghast, Mission Table, Intro Questline

Ways to Obtain Soul Ash for Legendaries

There are three ways to earn Soul Ash in Shadowlands. Only two of these are repeatable, but the main source of Soul Ash will be from your Weekly Torghast completions.

Soul Ash from Torghast Wings

Every week, two different wings are available to be played in Torghast. Each wing has 8 different layers, but only 3 of those wings will be available at Launch. When you complete a layer for the first time each week, you will receive Soul Ash.

Week 3

Availability Layer # Reward
Week 1 1
Week 1 2
Week 1 3
Week 3 5
Week 3 6
Week 4 7
Week 4 8

This means that on the first two weeks of the expansion, you get 305 per wing, or 610 Soul Ash per week for Torghast.

Soul Ash from Intro Torghast Quests

The Intro Quests to Torghast will award a total of 900 Soul Ash total, and are awarded once.

  1. Explore Torghast – Rewards 0 Soul Ash
  2. Remnants of Hope – Rewards 0 Soul Ash
  3. Information for a Price – Rewards 0 Soul Ash
  4. Torment Chamber: Jaina – Rewards 0 Soul Ash
  5. Finding a Witness – Rewards 0 Soul Ash
  6. Lest the Trail Go Cold – Rewards 0 Soul Ash
  7. Torment Chamber: Thrall – Rewards 0 Soul Ash
  8. Signs of the Lion – Rewards 0 Soul Ash

However, we have no idea if this questline is gated. As such, This questline could be available at launch, it could be weekly gated, split amongst the first two weeks or some combination. As such, we have no idea when you will be rewarded with this Soul Ash.

Soul Ash from the Mission Table

Players have started to find Soul Ash as rewards from the Adventure table, as seen in this screenshot from @Ryken_ on Twitter. Thanks for sending this to us!

Each mission seems to be about 100 Soul Ash and require a follower level of about level 20+.

Soul Ash Costs for Shadowlands Legendaries

In order to craft or a Legendary, you will need base materials, but also need an amount of Soul Ash. Below you can check how much is required for every rank to judge your expectations.

Soul Ash Crafting Costs

You can craft a Legendary of any rank from scratch should have you have enough Soul Ash.

  • Rank 1 (iLvl 190): Requires 1250 Soul Ash
  • Rank 2 (iLvL 210): Requires 2000 Soul Ash
  • Rank 3 (iLvL 225): Requires 3200 Soul Ash
  • Rank 4 (iLvL 235): Requires 5150 Soul Ash

Soul Ash Upgrading Costs

However, if you craft a lower Rank Legendary, you can upgrade a Legendary of any rank to one high by paying the difference in cost and a new base item.

Rank 1 -> 2: Requires 750 Soul Ash
Rank 1 -> 3: Requires 1950 Soul Ash
Rank 2 -> 3: Requires 1200 Soul Ash
Rank 1 -> 4: Requires 3900 Soul Ash
Rank 2 -> 4: Requires 3150 Soul Ash
Rank 3 -> 4: Requires 1950 Soul Ash

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