Corruption Vendor: Preserved Contaminants on Sale for September 18th – 22nd

Corruption Vendor: Preserved Contaminants on Sale for September 18th - 22nd

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September 18th Corruption Vendor

These Preserved Contaminants will be available until September 22nd (NA) at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

Recommended Specs to Buy

For this rotation of corruptions, our Class Guide Writers recommend the contaminants available. For more details on the full builds for each spec, please check the spec’s corruption page.

Severe 1

Siphoner 1

Expedient 2

Twilight Devastation 2

Honed Mind 3

Strikethrough 3

Item Recommended Specs
Severe 1 Frost DK, Balance Druid, Feral Druid, Resto Druid (Raid), BM Hunter, Arcane Mage, Mistweaver Monk (<1900 Crit), Disc Priest, Holy Priest, Shadow Priest, Outlaw Rogue, Sub Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Resto Shaman, Fury Warrior
Siphoner 1 None
Expedient 2 Frost DK (Icecap), Unholy DK, Havoc DH, Balance Druid, Resto Druid (Raid), BM Hunter, MM Hunter, SV Hunter, Arcane Mage, Frost Mage (Orb), Holy Paladin, Protection Paladin, Shadow Priest, Assassination Rogue, Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman, Aff Lock, Demo Lock, Destro Lock, Arms Warrior, Prot Warrior (Defensive)
Twilight Devastation 2 Blood DK, Havoc DH, Vengeance DH, Balance Druid (M+), Guardian Druid, Resto Druid (M+ Damage), Brewmaster Monk, Mistweaver Monk (Damage), Windwalker Monk, Holy Paladin (Damage), Protection Paladin, Ret Paladin (M+), Disc Priest (Damage), Holy Priest (Damage), Assassination Rogue, Outlaw Rogue, Sub Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Restoration Shaman (Damage), Fury Warrior (AoE), Prot Warrior
Honed Mind 3 Frost DK, Balance Druid (M+), Ret Paladin (M+)
Strikethrough 3 Feral Druid, Arcane Mage, Frost Mage (Orb), Outlaw Rogue, Sub Rogue, Elemental Shaman

Note: For Severe I, Expedient II, Twilight Devastation II we’ve listed the classes that recommend this at Rank 3. Rank 3 will be more efficient for your Echoes of Ny’alotha and/or you may not have enough gear slots for lower ranks.

Make sure to check our Corruption guides to see what Preserved Contaminants are suggested for each spec!

Corruption Vendor Rotation

Note that the Shadowlands pre-patch will likely interrupt the Corruption Vendor rotation, as Corruption will be removed.

September 11th

September 15th

September 18th

September 22nd

September 25th

September 29th

October 2nd

October 6th

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