Covenant Dungeon Bonuses Active in Mythic+ on Shadowlands Beta

Covenant Dungeon Bonuses Active in Mythic+ on Shadowlands Beta

Mythic+ Covenant Dungeon Bonus Examples

With Mythic+ dungeons enabled on the Shadowlands Beta, we tested some of the Covenant bonuses with Mythic+ active. We tested this out in both Halls of Atonement and Necrotic Wake.

Halls of Atonement

In Halls of Atonement, we tested using the Venthyr Loyal Stoneborn on a Loyal Stoneborn NPC and it worked! It also appears that since Loyal Stoneborn are indeed trash, they get scaled up by the Mythic+ aura.

On a +10 Keystone, in the 30 seconds that it was attacking, it almost soloed one full trash mob by itself (I was dead on the floor)! A powerful buff for having a Venthyr in the group.

Necrotic Wake

In Necrotic Wake, we used our Kyrian Steward to fix the Goliath and summon the 20 stacks of Anima Exhaust.

Covenant Dungeon Bonus Details

At least one covenant bonus has been found in each dungeon! Check out the full details of each of these buffs in our full articles:

Kyrian – Spires of Ascension Night Fae – Mists of Tirna Scithe Necrolord – Theatre of Pain Venthyr – Halls of Atonement
Kyrian – Necrotic Wake Night Fae – De Other Side Necrolord – Plaguefall Venthyr – Sanguine Depths

Here’s a quick summary and remember, you only need one player of the Covenant to activate the buff.

  • Kyrian – Necrotic Wake: 20 stacks of Anima Exhaust to split among the group. 4% movement speed, haste, healing done and damage reduction for 40 seconds.
  • Kyrian – Spires of Ascension: A Spear of Destiny to throw at a group of mobs stunning them and making them 20% additional damage for 10 seconds.
  • Night Fae – Mists of Tirna Scithe: Activate a checkpoint after every boss, a skip at the beginning and a grove containing the 10 minute buffs for your entire party: Savory Statshroom and Tasty Toughshroom.
  • Night Fae – De Other Side: Activate Haunted Urn around the dungeon to stun nearby mobs for 10 seconds.
  • Necrolord – Theater of Pain: Activate a Necrolord Banner to give your party the Necrolord’s Command buff granting 10% Versatility and Movement Speed for 10 seconds.
  • Necrolord – Plaguefall: Use Fleshcraft on dead slimes to get a 3 minute aura to give your party 25% Haste Rapid Infection, 25% Damage Reduction Congealed Contagion, and a AoE damage proc Corrosive Gunk.
  • Venthyr – Halls of Atonement: Use the Extra Action button when near Loyal Stoneborn to get them to fight with you for 30 seconds before flying away.
  • Venthyr – Sanguine Depths: Activate Anima Cages for 20 seconds. During this time, any mob that died near the Anima Cage will grant one stack of Sinfall Boon, granting 5% damage and healing done.

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