Crashgaming Earns World First Level 59 PvP Rank 14 Grand Marshal

Crashgaming Earns World First Level 59 PvP Rank 14 Grand Marshal

We previously covered the challenges and massive amount of effort involved in the grind to Rank 14 in order to reach this point, but he also posted a follow up on Reddit after finally earning the achievement.

Hey guys, I thought I’d share a cool story with a follow up. I did it!!! I hit Grand Marshall on this week reset. Some backstory: I joined the World of Warcraft community for the first time to play Classic. I was looking for a difficult MMO again like many of you, and wanted to finally try out WoW. I ended up ranking my only toon Sir Viktorius to Grand Marshall at lvl 59. I have no other toons, no gold farming mage, no multibox, no 5 accounts to make salted leather, not even bank alts. I just wanted to play like they did 15 years ago. I wish I could have experienced WoW back then, but am so glad to have experienced it now. I want to thank everyone in the 50-59 bracket, the community has been so amazing. All the horde and alliance making lvl 1 toons on my server to be there for my log on after reset was so amazing. The community is so great. There’s no other MMO like WoW. I can’t wait for what the future brings.

Members from both factions on the server line up to honor Grand Marshal Sirviktorius.

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