Crendor's Favorite Things About Classic WoW Beta (After reaching level 20)


I talk about my favorite things so far from the Classic WoW Beta after putting more time into the game and getting past level 20.

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Crendor’s Favorite Things About Classic WoW Beta

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  1. "It didnt make me wanna quit the game , it made me wanna buy more ammo" LMFAO !

    Regarding the talents , its really crazy how people really got brainwashed by blizzard. And I mean it when I use the word brainwashed. For years people have been saying the new talents were better because nobody enjoys a 1% hit upgrade. Now everyone is praising the old system. Brainwashed. Its kinda like the old "you think you do but you dont" except in this case people actually bought it.

    11:10 so wholesome

  2. Building matching tower PC setups for myself and friends if they want to come over and play. My.old school friends from illidrama are going back at it. Pur server invented world pvp 😛

  3. You enjoy it as the community is filtered atm, not the swarms of rude/low iq zero effort/ loot whore kids as in live WoW. Closed/open betas are always the best in every MMO, as people play it who can read/write and listen. Most people in live Wow are under the IQ lvl of a rat.
    Plus BFA is like even Heroic dungeons are like nerfed normal dungeons of vanilla wow… Totally lack of challenge , handing out free loot.

  4. If i remember correctly this classic WoW version is going to include sharding. You probably didn't notice because the couple of beta servers don't run with sharding enabled.

  5. Talent trees scaled poorly with every expansion they added. They would have to rebalance all specs for all classes because an extra 10 talents could lead to some OP builds. But if there are no expansions, then talent trees will make everyone happy.

  6. Why do people act so surprised and bedazzled with classic wow content when private servers have had the exact same content, perfectly fine AND for free ever since TBC came out?

    Come on, this mentality that Classic wow has been some sort of missing lost child since 2007 is just cringy.

  7. I've been watching your channel for years, i remember my kids and i used to wait what seemed like forever for newest videos on Billy and others to come out… My wife and son and i are gonna start playing when classic goes up and we're really wanting to play on same server you're playing on, if you're gonna play classic that is…. Anyway i hope to see you on there and we miss Billy allot

  8. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm someone who has never played WoW before and is just intrigued by all this Classic hype. In that first background image, what is the double-bladed sword-y looking weapon, and what class is the Night Elf that he's able to wield it? That character's whole design is super cool.

  9. Never understood the "its just nostalgia arguement" i constantly play games from the 90's / early 2000's, hell ive probably beat dino crisis a dozen times in the past 2-3 years i still have my n64 set up and play thoes games, yes some of it is nostalgia but why can't it also be that people just like old games, if we can go back and play old single player games and have fun why does it seem like a foreign concept that some people would have fun with vanilla wow and the like

  10. I haven't watched this non-content channel in a while, but I look forward to seeing some content from Crendor upon release. I miss the days of Dodger, Crendor, Jesse and Total Halibut, hopeful for some of this new old content.
    Miss you John <3, my first ever subscription on YouTube.

  11. I remember the middle tower when I was trying to level up a mage and see if I like the AoE/kiting aspect of the frost. So I get to the tower, mobs are respawning from previos group and a shaman shows up, goes in and aggroes the whole first floor that just respawned so he runs out trying not to die, mobs follow and I just start running with arcane explosions around him and then down the road when mobs aggro me… everything dies. Was fun feeling as my main is a shaman and he can't do such… spectacular feats.

  12. Community community community.

    I remember questing in Ashenvale with some random mage back in Vanilla, met up again several times throughout questing, met his wife and ended up guilded together at 60.
    A warrior I healed in a Dire Maul run one night ended up asking me to come along to heal more of his Dire Maul runs (He was after the Quel'serra) ended up being my main tank when his guild and mine joined together to create a new guild, orchestrated through our interactions with one another.
    I remember questing with a Chinese guy, where we were both using a translator to get a difficult quest done in Duskwood.

    The comradery you had with your same class mates with-in a raiding guild, since you likely had your own Hunter/Priest/Pally etc etc channels for you 5 or so to talk between yourselves so you didn't flood the main chat with nonsense, as a Priest I was always infiltrating the druid channel to ask for innervates, the druid who complained about this the most I ended up playing with up until the end of WoTLK.

    These things just don't happen now. These things make the game so much more enjoyable and engaging.

  13. 9:30 Wow really? REALLY? I never would have thought one day someone would say "World of Warcraft is like Dark Souls." This is absolutely hilarious.
    Can we now adopt the phrase "Wow Classic is the Dark Souls of Wow games" or "Wow classic is the Wow of the Souls games?" XD

  14. I look forward to finally getting to play this again. Partially for nostalgia, but mostly because this is just…how the game is supposed to feel. I really miss the multi player experience the most along with actually having to manage stuff about my character's growth other than exp and end game gearing. Modern wow has a lot of upgraded quality of life things, yes, but now it feels like you are playing mostly a single player game with the option to play "with" other people, really. It's weird, but I'm just really really looking forward to the grind.


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