Cutest Bird Hunter Pets in Dragonflight

Cutest Bird Hunter Pets in Dragonflight


For the very first time, World of Warcraft has ducks… and they’re tameable! These adorable birds have been added to the Crane family – which has also been renamed Waterfowl just to accommodate them! We especially love the way they quack gently to themselves.


According to Petopia, these elegant birds have been added to the Carion Bird family for now… An odd choice, but they’re so pretty, who cares? Plus, that will probably change before Dragonflight goes live.

Birds of Prey

Phoenixes can be found in Dragonflight, including a tameable model that has been added to the Birds of Prey family.

Wind Eagles

The Wind Eagles of the Ohn’ahran Plains play a special role in Centaur culture, and Hunters will be able to tame Wind Eagles of their own. Also part of the Birds of Prey family, the horned eagles with wind effects are particularly cool.

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