1. My hunter has a couple of rank 4's and the rest at rank 3 so I have all essences at Rank 3 or better. I truly think the DPS Essences at the very least should be unlocked account wide. if that cant be done, then the PVP essences (C&S, ripple and blood of the enemy) should be account wide. come 8.3 doing the PVP islands will be nonexistent since people will be focused on getting the new essences and cloak. plus the invasion will take the person's time away from trying to get essences.

  2. The Youtube algorithm tossed your video my direction today and man have I been missing out! Amazing quality stuff, it's really nice to see content creators like you guys despite the negative state the game seems to be in currently. Obviously I Liked & subscribed, keep up the enthusiasm guys cause I'm sure Shadowlands will be another long awaited "good" expansion. Happy Holidays!

  3. The Neck barely has to be grinded tbh, if you unlock the Heart Forge on a fresh alt it jumps to level 50, essentially putting you like 3 Azerite Quests away from at least unlocking every Benthic Gear trait

  4. I have played in BFA all mage specs, all druid specs, all dk specs, all havoc specs 2/3 lock specs and 2/3 warrior specs and all monk specs. On not a single one of those did I find a GCD changes to be problem. Yes Charge on GCD was a problem, but they changed it and its fine now.
    Azerite was badly implemented in a way that regrinding the same stuff was bad, but as in idea its fine. Gives you some kind of goal to chase (specific traits) and gives you an option to sometime play something different. Like I don't play breath talent on my frost DK I play forstwelp indignation with talent that reduces your pillar of ice cooldown and I have really nice results in M+. So it does give better options then tier sets and I don't have to raid on a toon I want to do dungeons on. Also having traits is really nice for PvP because I pick completely different ones when I do PvP so its more customizable then static tier sets. Don't throw stones at me but azerite in its current iteration is better then tier sets.
    Essence grind is annoying but it is kinda core mechanic of MMO isn't it? Like you level 1 toon to 120 gear it up and do stuff with it. Why would not those levels be account bound? Like you leveled once you got your stuff why are you forced to do super old content again to regrind abilities on other toon? Kinda similar as essences, why do I have to do stuff on other toon if I did it once already. Just look at essences as part of leveling and you will not be mad about it. I heard so much talk about Blizzard invalidating old content and narrowing their game to only current patch and now when they do reverse of that its worst thing ever. The problem with essences is not that they are not account bound, the problem is that they are time gated! Just let people grind their stuff Blizzard like levels. I don't want to have to wait 6 weeks to get my Vision of Perfection rank 3, or however weeks to get my Conflict and Strife. That is the real problem, TIMEGATING.
    On classes being worse, I agree some of the classes feel scuffed after Legion and removal of artifact weapons, but then I played Vanilla and remembered how bad it really was so I get much more lenient about that. I would like in Shadowlands less random stats procs that you don't control and don't change anything and more control over your toon. And no more rows of talents where you chose between AoE and single target. Give us rows where we chose how we deal AoE or ST damage not if we deal it, because there are classes that right now don't have that choice and they are dominating just look at Outlaw rogue where ST + Blade Flurry = AoE, oh yea I played all rogue specs also forgot about that.

  5. HoA is a travesty of a grind, and having to grind it for all your alts just compounds on said travesty. Once you unlock essences, they should be unlocked account wide. Period. Maybe have them locked behind HoA level? Idk,i just came back from a long wotlk hiatus to the tail end of 8.2 and i i definitely do not look forward to grinding the HoA on alts.

  6. "I mean, don't know what I'm even talking about at this point."

    OMG! I've said this same thing when trying to explain the new systems in place….too complicated!***

    ***Probably also due to my ADHD.

  7. The MW buffs still are somehow worthless, no chance MW to come even close to a Hpriest in raiding enviroments for sure.
    Looks pretty nice though for M+, along with the cursed orange class long awaited nerf it seems promising.


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