D&D Dungeon Master Creates Stunning WoW Themed Adventure Table Builds – Community Spotlight

D&D Dungeon Master Creates Stunning WoW Themed Adventure Table Builds - Community Spotlight

Recently I decided to start trying to replicate the fun and nostalgia of certain WoW zones and adventures into my tabletop D&D experience as well and it’s been a real joy. My players love the games, except I tend to roll a lot of Nat 20s and critically hit them, but all my dice rolls are on an open table so everyone can see they are real. It’s all just part of the fun of playing together, just like dungeon groups in World of Warcraft. Seeing the joy and surprise on my players’ faces is what inspires me most, but also trying to bring the world to life, life like the old D&D artwork has always done for me. There’s something magical about seeing it come to life before your eyes.

Check out these adventure table builds:

Goldshire with the Darkmoon Faire Portal

Jasperlode Mine

Molten Core

Saldeans Farm, Westfall

Stormwind Stockade

Veil Skith Terokkar Forest

Westfall Lighthouse


3 years ago I started a Facebook group dedicated specifically to sharing adventure table builds because I believe that creativity runs on inspirations and nothing inspires us more than seeing the exciting things that other people are coming up with on their own tables. To my surprise, we are already over 34k members and growing at over 1.6k more per month. A drop in the bucket for a WoW community but pretty good for tabletop D&D. For those interested in how I do what I do, I use tiles from Dwarven Forge, WizKids Warlock, Lunesdargent Workshop, 3D prints from Ebay and Etsy, Aquarium decorations and Fairy Garden stuff from Amazon, etc and put it all together sort of like Legos. Many people also craft their own terrain. If you are interested, join my FB group (linked below) where you can see thousands of other people sharing their builds and ideas, from beginners with no budget to the Pro level convention tier. Very friendly group, too. No drama.

If you are a similarly minded person and would like to check out more of Putnam’s builds or join his Facebook page, check out these links.

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