Death Knight Dragonflight Talent Tree Preview for All Specs

Death Knight Dragonflight Talent Tree Preview for All Specs


Blood Death Knight Talents. denotes a talent that has a temporary, not yet final name.
Blood Row 1Heart Strike: Instantly strike the target and 1 other nearby enemy, causing Physical damage, and reducing enemies’ movement speed by 20% for 8 sec.
Blood Row 2Marrowrend: Smash the target, dealing Physical damage and generating 3 charges of Bone Shield.Blood Boil: Deals Shadow damage and infects all enemies within 10 yds with Blood Plague.
Blood Row 3Foul Bulwark: Each charge of Bone Shield increases your maximum health by 1%.Crimson Scourge: Your auto attacks on targets infected with your Blood Plague have a chance to make your next Death and Decay cost no runes and reset its cooldown.Improved Blood Boil : Increases the maximum number of Blood Boil charges by 1.
Blood Row 4Improved Boneshield : Bone Shield increases your Haste by %. Two Rank Talent.Improved Heart Strike: Heart Strike damage increased by %. Two Rank Talent.Blood Fortification: Stamina increased by %. Damage taken reduced by %. Three Rank Talent.Rune Tap: Reduces all damage taken by 20% for 4 sec.
Blood Row 5Blood Tap: Consume the essence around you to generate 1 Rune. Recharge time reduced by 2 sec whenever a Bone Shield charge is consumed.Reinforced Bones: Increases Armor gained from Bone Shield by 10%.Leeching Strike: Heart Strike heals you for 0.5% health for each enemy hit while affected by Blood Plague.Vampiric Blood: Embrace your undeath, increasing your maximum health by 30% and increasing all healing and absorbs received by 30% for 10 sec.Hasty Bargain: When Crimson Scourge activates, you gain % Haste for 6 sec. Two Rank Talent.Death’s Caress: Reach out with necrotic tendrils, dealing Shadow damage and applying Blood Plague to your target and generating 2 Bone Shield charges. 6 second cooldown.
Blood Row 6Choice Node:

  • Blooddrinker: Drains health from the target over 3 sec. You can move, parry, dodge, and use defensive abilities while channeling this ability.
  • Consumption: Strikes all enemies in front of you with a hungering attack that deals Physical damage and heals you for 150% of that damage. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.

Choice Node:

  • Mark of Blood: Places a Mark of Blood on an enemy for 15 sec. The enemy’s damaging auto attacks will also heal their victim for 3% of the victim’s maximum health.
  • Tombstone: Consume up to 5 Bone Shield charges. For each charge consumed, you gain 6 Runic Power and absorb damage equal to 6% of your maximum health for 8 sec.

Choice Node:

  • Voracious: Death Strike’s healing is increased by 20% and grants you 15% Leech for 8 sec.
  • Bloodworms: Your auto attacks have a chance to summon a Bloodworm. Bloodworms deal minor damage to your target for 15 sec and then burst, healing you for 15% of your missing health. If you drop below 50% health, your Bloodworms will immediately burst and heal you.

Relish in Blood: While Crimson Scourge is active, your next Death and Decay heals you for a small amount of health per Bone Shield charge and you immediately gain 10 Runic Power.
Blood Row 7Ossuary: While you have at least 5 Bone Shield charges, the cost of Death Strike is reduced by 5 Runic Power. Additionally, your maximum Runic Power is increased by 10.Improved Vampiric Blood : Increases all healing and absorbs by % and duration by sec. Two Rank Talent.Hemostasis: Each enemy hit by Blood Boil increases the damage and healing done by your next Death Strike by %, stacking up to 5 times. Two Rank Talent.Heartbreaker: Heart Strike generates additional Runic Power per target hit. Two Rank Talent.
Blood Row 8Rapid Decomposition: Your Blood Plague and Death and Decay deal damage 15% more often. Additionally, your Blood Plague leeches 50% more Health.Dancing Rune Weapon: Summons a rune weapon for 8 sec that mirrors your melee attacks and bolsters your defenses. While active, you gain 40% parry chance.Gorefiend’s Grasp: Shadowy tendrils coil around all enemies within 15 yards of a hostile or friendly target, pulling them to the target’s location.
Blood Row 9Shattering Bone: When Bone Shield is consumed it shatters dealing damage to nearby enemies. This damage is tripled to enemies affected by Death and Decay. Two Rank Talent.Heartrend: Heart Strike has a chance to reduce the Runic Power cost of your next Death Strike by 10 and deal an additional % damage based on your missing health. Two Rank Talent.Crimson Rune Weapon: Dancing Rune Weapon generates 5 Bone Shield Charges and whenever a charge of Bone Shield is consumed, the cooldown Dancing Rune Weapon is reduced by 5 sec.Tightening Grasp: Enemies hit by Gorefiend’s Grasp take % increased damage from you for 15 sec. Additionally, reduces the cooldown on Gorefiend’s Grasp by 30 sec. Two Rank Talent.Red Thirst: Reduces the cooldown on Vampiric Blood by sec per 10 Runic Power spent. Two Rank Talent.
Blood Row 10Bonestorm: A whirl of bone and gore batters all nearby enemies, dealing Shadow damage every 1 sec, and healing you for 3% of your maximum health every time it deals damage (up to 15%). Lasts 1 sec per 10 Runic Power spent. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.Everlasting Bond: Summons 1 additional copy of Dancing Rune Weapon. Additionally, each rune spent increases its duration by 0.5 sec.Purgatory: An unholy pact that prevents fatal damage, instead absorbing incoming healing equal to the damage prevented, lasting 3 sec. If any healing absorption remains when this effect expires, you will die. This effect may only occur every 4 minutes.Unquenchable Thirst: While Vampiric Blood is active store a portion of of your Death Strike healing. When Vampiric Blood expires splatter nearby enemies dealing 100% of the stored healing as Shadow damage.

Frost Death Knight Talents. denotes a talent that has a temporary, not yet final name.
Frost Row 1Frost Strike: Chill your weapons with icy power and quickly strike the enemy with both, dealing Frost damage.
Frost Row 2Obliterate: A brutal attack with both weapons that deals Physical damage.Howling Blast: Blast the target with a frigid wind, dealing Frost damage to that foe, and reduced damage to all other enemies within 10 yards, infecting all targets with Frost Fever.
Frost Row 3Killing Machine: Each charge of Bone Shield increases your maximum health by 1%.Rime: Obliterate has a 45% chance to cause your next Howling Blast to consume no runes and deal 150% additional damage.
Frost Row 4Unleashed Frenzy: Frost Strike increases your strength by 1.0% for 6 seconds, stacks up to 3 times.Runic Command: Increases your maximum Runic Power by . Two Rank Talent.Improved Frost Strike : Increases Frost Strike damage by . Two Rank Talent.Remorseless Winter: Drain the warmth of life from all nearby enemies within 8 yards, dealing Frost damage over 8 sec and reducing their movement speed by 20%.
Frost Row 5Improved Obliterate : Increases Obliterate damage by . Two Rank Talent.Pillar of Frost: The power of frost increases your Strength by 20% for 12 seconds. Each Rune spent while active increases your Strength by an additional 1%.Improved Rime : Increases Howling Blast damage done by an additional %. Two Rank Talent.
Frost Row 6Choice Node:

  • Frigid Executioner: Obliterate has a 10% chance to refund 2 runes.
  • Rage of the Frozen Champion: Obliterate has a 15% increased chance to trigger Rime and Howling Blast generates 8 Runic Power while Rime is active.

Improved Killing Machine: Your next Obliterate also deals Frost damage.Choice Node:

  • Inexorable Assault: Gain Inexorable Assault every 8 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Obliterate consumes a stack to deal additional Frost damage.
  • Cold Heart: Every 2 sec, gain a stack of Cold Heart, causing your next Chains of Ice to deal Frost damage. Stacks up to 20 times.

Choice Node:

  • Avalanche: Casting Howling Blast with Rime active causes jagged icicles to fall on enemies nearby your target, dealing Frost damage.
  • Frozen Pulse: While you have fewer than 3 full Runes, your auto attacks radiate intense cold, inflicting Frost damage on all nearby enemies.

Biting Cold: Remorseless Winter damage is increased by 30%. The first time Remorseless Winter deals damage to 3 different enemies, you gain Rime.Chill Streak: Deals Frost damage to the target and reduces their movement speed by 70% for 4 seconds. Costs 40 Runic Power. Chill Streak bounces up to 9 times between closest targets within 6 yards.
Frost Row 7Murderous Efficiency: Consuming the Killing Machine effect has a 50% chance to grant you 1 Rune.Might of the Frozen Wastes: Wielding a two-handed weapon increases Obliterate damage by 30%, and causes your auto attack critical strikes to grant Killing Machine.Enduring Strength: When Pillar of Frost expires, your Strength is increased by for 6 seconds. This effect lasts 2 sec longer for each Obliterate and Frostscythe critical strike during Pillar of Frost. Two Rank Talent.Frostwhelp’s Aid: Pillar of Frost summons a Frostwhelp who breathes on all enemies within 40 yards in front of you for Frost damage. Each unique enemy hit increases your Mastery by , up to . Two Rank Talent.Gathering Storm: Each Rune spent during Remorseless Winter increases its damage by 10%, and extends its duration by 0.5 seconds.Empower Rune Weapon: Empower Rune Weapon gains an additional charge. If Empower Rune Weapon is not talented elsewhere on the tree, this grants 1 charge of Empower Rune Weapon.Choice Node:

  • Piercing Chill: Enemies suffer 5% increased damage from Chill Streak each time they are struck by it.
  • Enduring Chill: Chill Streak’s bounce range is increased by 2 yds and each time Chill Streak bounces it has a 20% chance to increase the maximum number of bounces by 1.

Frost Row 8Glacial Advance: Summon glacial spikes from the ground that advance forward, each dealing Frost damage and applying Razorice to enemies near their eruption point.Bonegrinder: Consuming Killing Machine grants 1% critical strike chance for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. At 5 stacks, your next Killing Machine consumes the stacks granting you increased Frost damage for 10 seconds. Two Rank Talent.Everfrost: Remorseless Winter deals % increased damage to enemies it hits, stacking up to 10 tanks. Two Rank Talent.Frostscythe: A sweeping attack that strikes all enemies in front of you for Frost damage. This attack benefits from Killing Machine. Critical strikes with Frostscythe deal 4 times normal damage. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.
Frost Row 9Cold-Blooded Rage: Frost Strike critical strikes have a chance to grant Killing Machine. Two Rank Talent.Frostwyrm’s Fury: Summons a frostwyrm who breathes on all enemies within 40 yd in front of you, dealing Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds.Invigorating Freeze: Frost Fever critical strikes increase the chance to grant Runic Power by an additional . Two Rank Talent.
Frost Row 10Choice Node:

  • Obliteration: While Pillar of Frost is active, Frost Strike and Howling Blast always grant Killing Machine and have a 30% chance to generate a Rune.
  • Icecap: Your Frost Strike, Obliterate & Frostscythe critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown of Pillar of Frost by 4 seconds.

Absolute Zero: Frostwyrm’s Fury has 50% reduced cooldown and Freezes all enemies hit for 3 seconds.Breath of Sindragosa: Continuously deal Frost damage every 1 sec to enemies in a cone in front of you, until your Runic Power is exhausted. Deals reduced damage to secondary targets. Generates 2 Runes at the start and end.

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