Developer Interview Reactions and Recap – Dratnos and Tettles Discuss

Developer Interview Reactions and Recap - Dratnos and Tettles Discuss

You can find Wowhead posts about the recent interviews here:

And the original sources for the non-Wowhead interviews here:

Dratnos and Tettles have highlighted three specific answers from these interviews, first looking at Raid Buffs and Morgan Day’s answer of “that feeling like “required,” that wouldn’t be the goal.” Dratnos and Tettles dispute that the current power of raid buffs doesn’t make them feel ‘required’ and contend that given their power level it’s important that the classes that don’t currently have raid buffs (or have super weak ones) get comparably powerful ones.

From the RaiderIO interview, the video moves to cover the effects of the simultaneous release, a topic about which Ion gave a very comprehensive answer. The effects of this change will, of course, have to be further analyzed after the fact, but Dratnos and Tettles found Ion’s rationale for Mythic Plus players compelling: avoiding the awkward week where rewards are capped because of the impacts it’d have on another game mode. The impacts on raid focused players remain to be seen, especially given the overlap with the holidays.

Finally, Dratnos and Tettles pick out some information from the Soulsobreezy interview, explaining the timegating that will be in place for high item level profession gear: two pieces (or one two-hander) will be craftable on the first week of the raid, plus one extra piece every two weeks thereafter, with the other reagents coming from all kinds of end-game content but requiring Heroic/Mythic boss kills (or equivalent PvP/M+ content) for Heroic/Mythic ilvl profession gear.

Are you excited for Dragonflight? What responses from these Dev interviews jumped out most to you? Let us know in the comments!

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