Discover World of Warcraft


General Information

World of WarCraft initially was published 23 November 2004 at North America, Australia and New Zealand for 2 programs: PC and Macintosh.

Sales of this match later 24 hours amounted to 240 000, that is the maximum degree in the history of computer games.

There can be found 3 variants: English, French and German.

World of all Warcraft was known as the best E3 sport in 2003.

The first add-on to the World of WarCraft World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will probably emerge in 2006.

The evaporating

World of Warcraft or in the start of his actions had any issues. On the 1 hand, the end result of a significant number of men who bought the sport, but also the fragility of activity server. The firm Blizzard Entertainment has made a decision to suspend sales of games for a while following the beginning of the game.

Then that the purchase has been adjusted to the amount of servers operating (so-called world or domain – a planet or domain ).

Due into the substantial achievement of promotion and a large number of duplicates of this game occurred with that the gamers were made to wait in a queue to log to a worlds. After including more servers, queues have become considerably shorter and much less regular, and declared sales of this match. However, in certain places, for example Ironforge and Orgrimmar, players can experience the issues connected with the performance of networks and servers. The firm Blizzard Entertainment has published an announcement to undertake trials to fix these issues.

There are lots of quests in the game. But and there’s an issue from where earn some cash. There is a many areas where you are able to discover some cash, you may even make it. There can be lots of books with advice how to acquire extra money.


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