Dragonflight Side Quest Spotlight: The Brave Little Tuskarr in Azure Span

Dragonflight Side Quest Spotlight: The Brave Little Tuskarr in Azure Span

Dragonflight is around the corner, and many adventures await us. One of the things we love most about this upcoming expansion is the variety of side quests. We highlight one of our favorites – the one where you can help a Tuskarr child be brave!

Warning: Dragonflight Spoilers Ahead!

The Brave Little Tuskarr

During the main Azure Span questline, several Tuskarr are killed by gnolls. We end up hearing their final wishes – and one spirit, Kaqiata, leaves us with a message for her son.

Kaquiata says: Please, tell my son Rowie that I love him. And I’m sorry.

Of course, Rowie is heartbroken when his mother doesn’t return, and we find him bravely preparing to take on a yeti all by himself.

I… I can do this! I’m gonna take down this yeti in this cave!

I’ve never been any good in fight training… all the other kids are way ahead of me…

But ma… ma never got to see me get better. Maybe… maybe if I’m strong enough, she’ll see!

She’ll see and she’ll finally be proud of me.

Y-you were there? In Brackenhide?

It must have been you… the adventurer that helped Brena and the others. You spoke to my ma’s spirit, didn’t you?

…She really said she’s… proud of me?

But… I’ve never been any good at fighting, or fishing, or anything else important to the tribe!

I have to prove myself.

The little Tuskarr seems determined to prove himself, but he accepts your help with the yeti – Toejam the Terrible – who, as it turns out, isn’t terrible at all. In fact, he seems a bit of a pacifist yeti, as he refuses to fight you.

He shakes his head. No.>


In the end, you manage to convince Toejam to play along, and Rowie gets his big, heroic moment after all as the yeti pretends to be defeated by the tiny Tuskarr and his little wooden sword.

Rowie says: I’ll take you down, ottuk-thief!
Toejam roars.
Rowie yells: AH! It’s so BIG!
Rowie says: N-no! I can do this! Your ottuk-stealing days are over, fiend!
Toejam grunts in mock pain.
Rowie says: I… I did it?
Toejam lies very still.
Rowie says: I did it! I’m incredible!
Rowie says: This… this power! I must use it responsibly! I must rain! I’ll be the greatest warrior ever!
Rowie says: Thanks, traveler-person! One day, I’m gonna be strong enough to beat YOU!
Toejam peeks an eye open. Is it over?
Toejam gives you a thumbs up.

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