Dragons Are Not Being Mind-Controlled By the Titans – Steve Danuser Clarifies

Dragons Are Not Being Mind-Controlled By the Titans - Steve Danuser Clarifies

Ian Bates from BlizzPlanet asked about the recent lore books found in Uldaman, which describe the practice of infusing dragon eggs with waters from below the Halls of Infusion to keep dragons aligned with the Titans’ views.

By ingesting the water (or causing their eggs to absorb its effects), it should be possible to keep even the most willful dragons aligned with the titans’ philosophies.

According to Steve, there are no sinister undertones to this practice. Infusing dragon eggs with waters from a Wellspring of Eternity makes them healthy and strong, and while it does encourage their thinking to be more orderly, this is something the Titans consider to be beneficial.

Ian: Hello, in the new Uldaman legacy of Tyr dungeon, you can find the book that says the keepers used waters from Tyrhold to keep the dragons loyal to the titans, does that mean the dragons are literally being mind controlled like we saw with Neltharion’s gauntlet and the Dracthyr, or is it more of a figurative loyalty and how they said the waters were also inoculating them against getting them corrupted by Yogg-Saron like Galakrond did?

Steve: Yeah so, the wellspring upon which Tyrhold was built was a naturally occurring phenomenon, with waters that are akin to some of those that we’ve seen in places like the Well of Eternity, the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and so forth. These are waters that are kind of touched by the energies of Azeroth, and as we’ve seen, Azeroth’s energies are a force of change, and sometimes change can be a good thing and sometimes change can be a bad thing. Change on it’s own is an uncontrolled phenomenon and the Titans and their servants don’t like uncontrolled phenomenon, they like controlled outcomes, they like to put guard rails around things, and make sure that they get the outcomes that they want. And so, part of the reasoning for building Tyrhold where it was, was to be able to say hey, these energies need to be controlled. We can’t just let random outcomes happen because those can be bad sometimes. And so, by putting Tyrhold over the top of it and having the Halls of Infusion by which they could infuse order magic into those waters, and then in turn feed those waters out to the life pools of the red flight, that ensures that from their point of view the proper kind of water is being fed to them. It still has the positive energies, it’s good to feed to you know put the eggs in, helps them grow strong, all that sort of thing, but it also has that dose order in there, which is like putting fluoride into water, where it has an outcome that you want to have happen, which means that the eggs and so forth that would be put in that water would be more inclined to be orderly in their thought. And again, that’s something that the Titans and their servants would be very interested in having happen. So you don’t have to look at it as a sinister thing, you could look at it as oh they’re trying to help the little whelplings. But the Titans want to serve the Titans agenda at the end of the day. And so, to have an orderly outcome is something that they would very much be in favor of.

no, the dragons are not being directly mind controlled. Influenced, and certainly Tyr want to nudge them towards certain things, but it’s not as Draconian if you’ll pardon the expression as direct mind control.

It should be said, this doesn’t necessarily justify the Titans infusing dragon eggs with Order magic. Good intentions can still lead to bad practices. So while the Titan Keepers’ intentions may well have been to help dragons, it is also possible that not everything should be aligned with Order – it is just one aspect of the Cosmological chart, after all.

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