Draka and Other Famous Necrolord Characters Discuss Their Lives on Azeroth (Spoilers)

Draka and Other Famous Necrolord Characters Discuss Their Lives on Azeroth (Spoilers)

As we replayed through Maldraxxus, we found new incidental dialogue options between Draka and other famous characters in the Necrolord Covenant, ranging from their thoughts on children to their chosen forms in the afterlife. As they make an unusual trio of allies, their clashing perspectives on the past lead to interesting conversations.


To recap the three characters and their time on Azeroth:

  • Vashj was one of the main villains of Burning Crusade, the final boss of Serpentshrine Cavern. She was a loyal handmaiden to Queen Azshara, turned into the naga after the Sundering.
  • Draka was a brave warrior in the Frostwolf Clan, mother of Thrall and mate to Durotan. She was killed by treacherous Shadow Council guards when Thrall was just a baby.
  • Alexandros Mograine, wielder of Ashbringer, was one of the leaders of the Silver Hand, killed by one of his sons and then raised by Kel’Thuzad into one of the original Four Horsemen. Darion sacrificed himself to free Mograine, later serving as the leader of the Ebon Blade and one of the new Four Horsemen.

While these characters have very different backgrounds, they were all sent to the Necrolord Covenant because they believe in the power of might and their memories are a source of strength in the afterlife.

We’ve previously covered Vashj, Draka, and Mograine in the early Maldraxxus quests, as well as a quest interlude with Mograine on why he was sent to the Necrolord covenant. Below are the new conversations we’ve found; do keep in mind this a direct transcription of the dialogue, which includes any in-game errors.

Vashj and Draka have vastly different perspectives on the Burning Crusade and the Sundering. Vashj is unaware of Azshara’s role in Battle for Azeorth, including her escape in Visions of N’Zoth, so perhaps both characters will reunite!

Vashj: I once laid claim to your homeworld, Draka. Or to be more precise, the pitiful husk that remained after its shattering.
Draka: You seem to know much of broken worlds, Vashj. And of consorting with demonic filth.
Vashj: Queen Azshara’s ambition blessed us with unmatched power. The Sundering was a necessary cost for our ascension.
Draka: I have heard tales of your vain, heartless queen. It seems you have a great deal in common with her…in form as well as substance.

Vashj and Draka clash again on the meaning of survival and success:

Draka: I did not abandon Margrave Akarek…I was sent on a mission before our house fell, just as you were.
Vashj: Yet one of us still stands proudly with the Eyes, while the other cowers beneath the Chosen’s garb.
Draka: The margrave entrusted me with a new purpose, Vashj. Letting go of the past is the only way we can survive.
Vashj: Survival is the weakling’s way. Either you prevail…or you perish.

Draka and Mograine reflect on their children. While Mograine briefly met Darion in Oribos, Draka has never met Thrall. A reunion is likely as Thrall has travelled to the Shadowlands. Thrall did meet his AU parents in Warlords of Draenor, but did not reveal his identity to them, so a reunion with Draka would be quite poignant:

Draka: Have you children, Alexandros?
Mograine: I do. Two sons. One betrayed me to the Scourge. The other sacrificed himself to free me.
Mograine: I saw him again, just recently, in the Maw. He too has risen as a death knight. He too fights to defend our world.
Draka: You must be proud. My son was a mere babe when traitors struck me down. I fought to my last breath to save him. But I…do not know if he survived.
Mograin: If he is of your blood, Draka, then I have no doubt that he did.

Draka and Mograine reflect on the betrayals in the earlier Maldraxxus storyline:

Draka: Krexus spoke highly of you, Ashbringer. He did not offer praise lightly.
Mograine: He forged my strength into victories I thought impossible. I will rip out Vyraz’s blackened heart for betraying him.
Mograine: It pleases me to know you served Krexus well. He admired your spirit even when you answered to Akarek.
Draka: We both learned much from him. And together, we shall see him avenged.

Vashj and Mograine discuss their life’s purpose. While it does seem ironic that Mograine is surrounded by undead, a later quest series illuminates why he was not sent to Bastion:

Vashj: You have a personal history with the undead, paladin. You must find Maldraxxus…distasteful.
Mograine: Slaying the undead was my life’s purpose. To be surrounded by them in death…I found myself in the midst of a nightmare.
Mograine: It was Margrave Krexus who showed me that our army is one of honor and acclaim. But the actions of our enemies echo those of the Scourge.
Vashj: Then perhaps your life’s purpose shall continue.

Vashj discusses why she kept her naga form:

Mograine: Baroness, your original night elf form was restored in the afterlife, was it not? Why abandon it for one akin to the naga?
Vashj: When I was kaldorei, I was but a handmaiden to my queen. Prized for my beauty, and little else. As a naga, I was recognized and rewarded for my cunning and resolve.
Vashj: But I could ask the same question for you. Why adopt the form of a feeble human, when so many stronger ones exist?
Mograine: This is the form I had when purging countless undead on Azeroth. But I suppose your point stands.

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