Dratnos and Tettles Discuss Double Legendaries in Patch 9.2 – When Will It Unlock?

Dratnos and Tettles Discuss Double Legendaries in Patch 9.2 - When Will It Unlock?

One of the most important features coming with Patch 9.2 for raiders is the ability to equip your Covenant Legendary in addition to another Shadowlands Legendary. It’s not clear, however, exactly when this feature will become available and there are important implications depending on what the answer is to that question. If it becomes available at some point during progression, that will represent a much larger week-to-week power spike than we usually see, which will mean that most guilds will find whatever they were currently progressing to become dramatically easier overnight.

If double legendaries happen in the second reset of Mythic, that will also have important ramifications for the race to world first, as the power spike will happen for North American guilds 16 hours ahead of Europeans and potentially will give them a decisive edge if the tier lasts as long as recent tiers have (6-10 days). If the Double Legendary switch happens later than that, there may be class balance ramifications, where some specs that don’t get as much value from their Covenant Legendary will go from being great one week to being behind the ones that do.

There are some clues from Raid Testing – the first 8 Heroic bosses, 3 early Mythic Bosses, and now some LFR bosses are all being tested without Double Legendaries – does this mean that they will not be available during progression on these bosses? Or is this just another case of a feature not being tested even though it will be available during the bosses that are being tested, as happened with Shards of Domination in 9.1, leading to potentially another tuning miss on the order of Guardian of the First Ones?

What do you think? When do you hope Double Legendaries will become available, and are you looking forward to playing with them?

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