Dratnos' Thoughts on All the Mythic+ Changes in Patch 9.1

Dratnos' Thoughts on All the Mythic+ Changes in Patch 9.1

In this video, Dratnos goes over every Mythic+ change in the patch notes. There’s a sizable set of nerfs to several of the most challenging Trash mobs and affixes, with specific focus on mechanics that disproportionately impact melee players. Tanks also will feel serious pressure relieved with 10% less incoming Auto-attack damage, and all players will have an easier time targeting specific dungeons with the new Keystone Re-roll system.

There are also a bunch of boss nerfs coming in – many of which had already been discovered, but a few new ones. These largely follow the pattern of targeting the most difficult bosses that you encounter near the start of dungeons, which Dratnos identifies as being the bosses that get naturally buffed the most by the transition from Prideful to Tormented, since we won’t have all of our Anima Powers for those early bosses.

Mythic+ Changes in Patch 9.1

About Dratnos

Dratnos is a World of Warcraft content creator focused on the high-end PVE scene. He’s best known as a caster for MDI and Race to World First events, and as the creator of the Weekly Route series on RaiderIO. He raids with World Top 50 guild , and you can watch him live on Twitch or check out his videos at YouTube.

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